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General Meeting Program June, 12 2018

Our Speaker this evening will be: Eldonna Edwards:

Eldonna Edwards is a beloved writer's conference instructor and former therapeutic journaling facilitator, who “cut her teeth” as she puts it, on the back of Southern Baptist pews in her provincial Midwest hometown. She grew up in a large family with an evangelical pastor at its head, an upbringing that provided a fertile background from which to harvest setting and characters. The voice in her debut novel THIS I KNOW comes straight from the heart. Eldonna is also the subject of the award-winning documentary "Perfect Strangers" that follows one kidney patient and one potential kidney donor in their search for a possible match. Her memoir LOST IN TRANSPLANTATION also chronicles this life-changing decision. 

Eldonna is drawn to stories about community--the places we live, the families we're born into, and the tribes we gravitate toward. She prefers hometown settings peopled with recognizable characters from the grocery store, a neighborhood cafe or noisy schoolyard. Her books explore the bigger questions of one's meaning and purpose, and the overlapping consequences of our choices, good and bad. Eldonna integrates humor into her stories to balance the complex and sometimes darker aspects of challenging situations. She currently lives on the central California coast with her long-term partner Brer and beloved 4-legged companion Bella.

Eldonna is available as a keynote speaker and/or breakout session facilitator on the topics of  organ donation, writing memoir & fiction or screenings of the documentary, Perfect Strangers.  Click on the contact button above to inquire about fees and available dates for your church, workplace, conference or organization. For press or publicity inquiries about her novels, please contact Claire Anderson-Wheeler of Regal Hoffman & Assoc.

Round Tables Critique Sessions began at 5:15 pm

Terry Sanville and Susan Tuttle will be here to critique your work

Please keep your submission to two pages, typed, 12-point font, double spaced. This is a great—and safe—way to see what the critiquing process is all about, get valuable feedback from two fantastic writers, and practice reading your work to a small audience

Rosie MaKinney will moderate a second Round Table due to popular demand.
This Round Table Session will be held in the conference room to the left of the  meeting room. 
Please don't forget to sign in first. 5:15 pm

"The flavor of my group will be a safe and supportive facilitator led critique group comprised of peers with relatively equal footing and comparable expertise, where participants can practice their constructive critique skills as well as get feedback on their own writing. Submissions will be 2 x pages, double spaced, font size 12 and will be read by another person in order to see how the writing holds up on its own." Guidlines will be explained at the start of the group.


Please note that there will be a charge of $5:00 for all non members who attend a critic group or round table. Payment will be accepted at the entrance to the meeting.

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