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General Meeting Program June 11, 2019

Our Speaker tonight will be Brendan Kelso

6:30 p.m

Brendan P. Kelso will be speaking about his journey from Engineer to Author. How he went from a full-time Director of Engineering and Innovation to full time writing and educating kids about Shakespeare. Moving from in the cubicle to on the stage. His presentation will put a smile in your heart and a laugh on your face! He is also a product development expert and will be adding some great marketing tips he’s learned along the way from his 15+ years developing products and bringing them to market.

His presentation is sure to put a smile in your heart and a laugh on your face!

BRENDAN P. KELSO is a writer, teacher, speaker, marketing consultant, and coach around the subjects of Shakespeare for Kids and publishing.

The Shakespeare for Kids series has sold over 35,000 books since its inception. He came to writemodified Shakespeare scripts when he was taking time off from work to be at home with his son. As he said, “It just grew from there”. Within months, he was being asked to offer classes in various locations and acting organizations along the coast of California.

Employed as an engineer, Brendan never thought about writing. But he has always believed, “the best way to learn is to have fun!”, and his books clearly, and melodramatically, reflect his mantra. 

Brendan makes his home on the central coast of California and loves to spend time with his wife, kids, Edgar the pig, Pat the cat, 2 goats, 3 ducks, 6 chickens (#’s 8-13), 3 dogs, and a fish named Monster.


Brendan P. Kelso
Author of Shakespeare for Kids books


    Do I need credits for my writing resume?

    Why should I write for the new, full color, glossy magazine called KIND?

    What would I need to know to interview someone for a profile in KIND?

    Does KIND accept articles other than interview profiles?

    ·  There will be a one-time only opportunity for you to have the above questions or any you have answered at the NW meeting on June 11.

    ·  Judythe Guarnera, Dennis Eamon Young, and Lili Sinclair will be available at a special table at 5:15. 

    ·  They will share their experiences as Kind writers, show you examples in the magazine, hand out the new Submission Guidelines for the October issue, and give you tips on how to interview.

    ·     There is no charge for members or non-members to attend.

Round Tables Critique Sessions began at 5:15 pm

Terry Sanville and Susan Tuttle will be here to critique your work

Please keep your submission to two pages, typed, 12-point font, double spaced. This is a great—and safe—way to see what the critiquing process is all about, get valuable feedback from two fantastic writers, and practice reading your work to a small audience.


Please don't forget to sign in first. 5:15 pm

SLO NightWriter Anthologies: 

 The Best of SLO NightWriters in Tolosa Press are available for purchase at (for $14.95) or at the monthly NW meeting. 

The cost is $10 for members and $12 for non-members.  


Please note that there will be a charge of $5:00 for all non members who attend a critic group or round table. Payment will be accepted at the entrance to the meeting.

I hope to see many of you here at this meeting,

Janice Konstantinidis

President SLO NightWriters

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