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General Meeting Program May 14,  2019

Our speaker tonight is Donnee Harris.

Poet, Author, Filmmaker, Philanthropist, Activist.

Sell This Book: The Steps to Self Publishing On Your Own Terms

Do you watch HGTV? Have you ever bought or sold a house? Almost everyone has either bought or sold a house these days. Well selling a book is not much different. In this presentation we will give you the tools on how to create a self-published book, sell that book, as well as how to navigate the self publishing world through social media. Participants will learn how to publish and sell their manuscript. They will receive tools on using social media and how to navigate the self-publishing world on their own. In addition they will learn how to market themselves as a way to get readers.


Marcus and Donnée Harris are a self publishing duo that have created, published and sold seven books in the past seven years. Donnée is a former journalist, a published author of 6 books and a stay at home mom of 3 girls and working on her eighth novel. Marcus is a clinical engineer, real estate investor and owner of Focus 1 Enterprises and Publisher. Together, their experience as a journalist, creative writer and publisher has prompted them to create a self-publishing system for other writers to share their work with the world.

First Draft Publishing is a publisher that focuses on helping writers and aspiring writers accomplish their goal of publishing their first book. Our mission is to provide a professional platform and a voice to the unknown, first time author. We strive to serve the writing community by helping others bring their dreams to life by publishing their books or by assisting them to self-publish the right way.

Note for all:

Our dear friend Paul Fahey (RIP) left behind many lovely books. Judythe Guanera will have a table at this month's meeting where Paul's books will be for anyone who would like them.

Round Tables Critique Sessions began at 5:15 pm

Terry Sanville and Susan Tuttle will be here to critique your work

Don't forget to sign in.

Please note that there will be a charge of $5:00 for all non members who attend a critic group or round table. Payment will be accepted at the entrance to the meeting.

I hope to see you  there.

Janice Konstantinidis
President SLO Nightwriters


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