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Judythe Guarnera, Tolosa Press Editor and Submission Manager, who at 74 declares that she is “too old to die young," has been writing all her life: reports, newsletters, grants, letters to the editor, Viewpoints and love letters. A graduate of the “Breaking Into Print” Writing Program, Judythe has time in retirement to write fiction, short stories and novels. Her volunteer work as a mediator and much of her writing is focused on connection through communication. Her essays and short stories have been featured in local publications, in anthologies, including "Chicken Soup for the Soul, and in a number of online literary journals. She is a winner in the NightWriter annual contest and is a 5-time winner of the Lillian Dean Writing Competition at the Annual Central Coast Writer’s Conference.

Editing and managing submissions for the NW column in the Tolosa Press publications has been an exciting and rewarding experience.
Grover Beach
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