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Tolosa Press Submission Tips

Is your Tolosa Press submission getting the full attention it deserves?

Is it being tagged for"later"consideration because you did not follow all the guidelines for submission?

Have you diligently edited your work to make sure that it is your best work?

Have you had someone else read it and edit? Have you read it out loud? You will be amazed at what your hearing can pick up that your eyes have missed.

To assure that you are getting the 'best bang' for your efforts, take time to follow these tips:
  • Please use a header and include your title, name, word count, genre and page numbers.Typing that information at the top of the page is not acceptable.      
  • Don't forget to add your bio for each and every submission. This gives you a conscious opportunity to make sure it is up-to-date and appropriate for the piece you are submitting.
  • Submissions are currently open.

Remember you can't get published if you don't submit and you can't submit if you don't write.  So start writing!


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