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Tolosa Press publishes three community newspapers in San Luis Obispo county: The SLO City News, The Coast News and The Bay News.  Tolosa prints 30,000 copies that are distributed in more than 600 locations in the county. They have offered SLO NightWriters a permanent place in the community CC Life section of their paper and online publications.  To read past issues go to

Please Note:

·       To be eligible to submit, your NightWriter dues must be current.

·       All submissions must be the original work of the author. You may submit previously published or submitted material if it was not published locally.

·       Tolosa Press is accepting: short stories. (Typically, story has introduction, development and conclusion with goal and obstacle, and/or conflict.  Story has tension.)

·       All themes are accepted but keep in mind that Tolosa Press publications are family-friendly.

·       Tolosa Press is not accepting: memoir, poetry, essays, opinion pieces, how-to articles, or excerpts from novels that cannot stand alone as a story.

Submission Guidelines:  (Posted on NightWriter website,

·       Word limit (strict) 500 - 600.

·       Double space; use readable 12 point font, preferably Times New Roman.

·       Insert a header, including: title, your last name, word count, genre.

·       Include a two-sentence bio at the bottom of your submission, even if you have submitted before. 

·       If your submission is selected for publication, you may be asked to supply an author photo. (The NightWriter photographer provides this service free of charge.)

·       Send your submission as an attachment, not in the body of the email. Attach as a word document. Send to: with “Tolosa Submission” in the subject line.  

The Editorial Process:

A selection and editorial process for news media is both common and essential.  NightWriters reserves the right to select and edit submissions.  Our NW process is friendly and strives to:  Maximize NightWriter member exposure, make each story the best it can be, offer helpful feedback to the authors, represent SLO NightWriters with quality prose and provide Tolosa Press with material it is proud to showcase.  

The process:

·       Author emails story to Tolosa Press Submissions Manager.

·       Manager removes author’s name and forwards story to Editorial Committee.

·       Committee members individually critique story and send comments to Manager. Comments address: plot, character, use of language, clarity, logic, tension and other concerns.

·       Manager provides the author with comments and may review strategies for improvement.

·       Author makes revisions if necessary and resubmits story to Manager.

·       Line Editor does final proofreading of story and may edit.

·       Manager submits selected stories to Tolosa Press.

·       Tolosa Press has final selection and editorial discretion.

·       When the story is published, Manager informs author and NightWriter membership.

We look forward to your creative submissions!

Meagan Friberg - Tolosa Press Submissions Manager     


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