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Would you like to have your work published in local media?

Simply Clear Marketing & Media publishes three community newspapers in San Luis Obispo county: The SLO City News, The Coast News and The Bay News. Simply Clear Marketing & Media prints 30,000 copies that are distributed in more than 600 locations in the county. They have offered SLO NightWriters a permanent place in the community CC Life section of their paper and online publications.  

Please Note:

·       To be eligible to submit, your NightWriter dues must be current.

·       All submissions must be the original work of the author. You may submit previously published or submitted material if it was not published locally.

· Simply Clear Marketing & Media is accepting: short stories. (Typically, story has introduction, development and conclusion with goal and obstacle, and/or conflict.  Story has tension.)

·       All themes are accepted but keep in mind that Simply Clear Marketing & Media publications are family-friendly.

· Simply Clear Marketing & Mediais not accepting: memoir, poetry, essays, opinion pieces, how-to articles, or excerpts from novels that cannot stand alone as a story.

Submission Guidelines:  (Posted on NightWriter website,

·       Word limit (strict) 500 - 600.

·       Double space; use readable 12 point font, preferably Times New Roman.

·       Insert a header, including: title, your last name, word count, genre.

·       Include a two-sentence bio at the bottom of your submission, even if you have submitted before. 

·       If your submission is selected for publication, you may be asked to supply an author photo. (The NightWriter photographer provides this service free of charge.)

·       Send your submission as an attachment, not in the body of the email. Attach as a word document. Send to: clementyne@gmail.comwith “ Simply Clear Marketing & Media" in the subject line.  

The Editorial Process:

A selection and editorial process for news media is both common and essential.  NightWriters reserves the right to select and edit submissions.  Our NW process is friendly and strives to: Maximize NightWriter member exposure, make each story the best it can be, offer helpful feedback to the authors, represent SLO NightWriters with quality prose and provide Simply Clear Marketing & Media with material it is proud to showcase.  

The process:

·       Author emails story to Simply Clear Marketing & Media Submissions Manager.

·       Manager removes author’s name and forwards story to Editorial Committee.

·       Committee members individually critique story and send comments to Manager. Comments address: plot, character, use of language, clarity, logic, tension and other concerns.

·       Manager provides the author with comments and may review strategies for improvement.

·       Author makes revisions if necessary and resubmits story to Manager.

·       Line Editor does final proofreading of story and may edit.

·       Manager submits selected stories to Tolosa Press.

· Simply Clear Marketing & Media has final selection and editorial discretion.

·       When the story is published, Manager informs author and NightWriter membership.

We look forward to your creative submissions!

Jeanie Hundertmark,  

Simply Clear M&M Submissions Manager for SLO NightWriters.


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