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Spread Your Good News On Our Website

By Janice Konstantinidis


  • Have you had something published?
  • Have you recently, or are you about to, participate in a BLOG TOUR Interview?
  • Will you soon serve as a speaker at a writers' conference, authors' festival, or other type of artists' affair?
  • Have you agreed to do a book signing?
  • How about a confirmed radio interview regarding your creative endeavors?
  • Is a scheduled television or video appearance on your calendar?
  • Has someone written a positive review of one of your published works?

If your answer to any of the above questions  is yes, then we'd like to help you "get the word out."

NEXT: To see a current list of your colleagues' recently scheduled events, visit and click the left-side menu item labeled GOOD NEWS ABOUT OUR MEMBERS. It looks like this:

Read through the introductory text on the GOOD NEWS page, then scroll down to the entry for SLO NightWriters member and author, Anne R. Allen. Most of us have watched in awe as Anne's star has risen. She's a savvy blogger, a social media expert, a published author and a friend.

Anne's entry on our GOOD NEWS website page looks like this:

Yes, the text within this graphic image is too tiny to read without squinting, but please notice the little red arrows. They point to the key items I need from you in order to help you spread your own good news on our website.

1.  A JPEG image of your pretty face. JPEG is GeekSpeak for a picture that should measure about 200 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall.

2.  A blurb that describes your Good News Event. Fifty to seventy-five words is the acceptable standard.

3.  Links to any websites that feature your event (Blog tour interview? Writers' conference? Book review? etc.).

4.  A brief BIO, written in the third person. Again, fifty to seventy-five words is the acceptable standard.

You can send these items my way, care of

And now here's the dreaded deadline part of this article, because I need lead time in order to do you justice:

I need to receive these items at least two weeks ahead of your event. Please.

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