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Diane Adamson

Le Coeur de l'Artiste

Brian Schwartz

Founder of - as 10+ year veteran in self-publishing, Brian is a full-time publishing consultant specializing in digital publishing, ebooks, print-on-demand, author websites, marketplace optimization, book marketing, and audiobooks. A SLONW member since 2013, Brian has assisted dozens of SLONW members navigate the complex world of self-publishing. Brian teaches a publishing workshop at Cal Poly and offers one-on-one consulting. 

Learn more at or contact Brian at 805-225-1251 or by email:

Jim Aarons

Jean Moelter

Jean Moelter is a writer and performer. She also hosts a weekly radio talk show called Artsy People on Excellent Radio 107.9 FM. her forthcoming audiobook is called "Holy Crap! (memoir of a Catholic girl)"

Destry Ramey

The Adventures of Hunter & Ramona Pug Series

What About Me?
Why Am I Dark?
Kippy’s African Adventure
"The Brown Paper Bag”

International Award Winning Book (Amsterdam, NY, & Los Angeles) 

Feather can be contacted on 

Facebook: Feather star of The Brown Paper Bag or Feather Ramey

Ruth Starr
Ruth Starr is a storyteller, writer, musician, dog-lover and entrepreneur. 
Her stories have been featured in the SLO Journal, NightWriter's
and in numerous other publications.
Ruth lives on the Central Coast of California where she 
regularly golfs, works out at the gym and spends time with her dog

Kalila Volkov

Patty Blue Hayes

Author, Life Coach and Facilitator of "Infinite Possibilities", The Art Of Changing Your Life

Patty Blue Hayes

Christina Grimm

What Do You Mean I’m Not Done!? Five Tips for Pitching Your Book to Agents

Christina Grimm, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist
805-528-4338Anne Allen's Blog

Anne R. Allen's Blog

Anne Allen


Susan Tuttle

Susan pic June 2 13

Of Farm Fields and Writers Block

by Susan Tuttle

The latest update of WordPress has caused two major problems. Until some extra code is placed in the proper config file (whatever that is), I can’t post any photos. And they don’t seem to be in a great hurry to fix the problem, either. Not the world’s best news for a blog that is based on photos, is it? Especially since I’m a self-styled techno-dummy and don’t even understand what I’m talking about here.

They also left out the code that lets one post links to other sites. The photo problem is fixable if you’re a computer whiz, but so far no one seems to an answer to the link problem. We’ll have to do it the old way: copy and paste into a new window in our browser instead of executing a simple mouse click. Sigh…

So, until I can con my computer guru son (who’s still working off in trade the ten grand he drank in orange juice while growing up) into inserting tab “Code A” into slot “Config B” so I can at least get back to photos, I’m stuck with only words. Oh, what a tragedy for a writer.  

But today, while I was driving into town to meet a friend, I had a thought that doesn’t necessarily need a photo (though an illustrative one would be nice…). I was driving down a long, lovely country lane. Newly plowed fields of dark, rich earth stretched out on both sides of the road. The deep mahogany soil made the leaves of both trees and bushes glow. The air shimmered with a clean, refreshing light. These fields had lain fallow yesterday, covered with an unruly mob of drab, dissonant weeds. Today those weeds had been plowed under to enrich the moist chocolate soil that now lay ready to accept seed and nourish fledgling plants into the joy of maturity.

And I thought: Writer’s block. Not that ephemeral kind that lasts a mere day or two, but the long-term, four month/six month/twelve month or longer period of devastating desert dryness. That writer’s block, I thought, is like a fallow field, a dull blank expanse that lies inert, capturing the detritus of thought and dream and experience. In the fullness of time our imagination plows under what seems useless. Inspiration then waters the newly plowed field. Then the seed of plot and situation, or perhaps character, is winnowed from the chaff and planted in the deep rich soil to be nourished by plowed-under scraps of life until a new story sprouts, grows and comes into fruition.

Writers are not machines that can work on and on, never resting. Without a fallow period, the genius of writing cannot sprout, for it has no nourishment on which to feed.

So how can a writer survive the dry desert of writer’s block?

Don’t fear it. Never fear it. Fear is what keeps the block strong and arid. Fear is what stops the plowing under. Instead, celebrate writer’s block when it arrives, as it will for all of us at least once in our writing life. Use the fallow time to live, to love, to experience. Soon it will all be plowed under, giving nourishment to another round of the genius of creation: stories richer and more compelling than any you’ve crafted before.

Paul Alan Fahey 10 -27 - 44 to 9 -12-2017 RIP

on The Other Man

The Other Man

The Other Man by Paul Alan Fahey is now available in e-book format!

The road to finding the right publisher for your literary labor of love can be a rocky one; this was definitely the case with The Other Man: 21 Writers Speak Candidly about Sex, Love, Infidelity, & Moving On. Most editors and writers will tell you that having an agent, a solid book proposal and a great list of contributors are definite assets, but they don't necessarily guarantee publication.

What I've learned is this: Unless you are a well-known commodity as a writer/editor, have edited numerous best selling collections, and have had previous books featured in major book clubs along with great sales, there are too many other variables in the marketing process that conflict with automatic success. This is not to say it can't happen to someone like me: an unknown someone with a list of decent publication credits, professional contacts and an excellent agent. Against all odds -- cue the Phil Collins movie soundtrack -- The Other Man became a reality. It's true, and I have a copy of the book sitting on a shelf by my computer to prove it. It just took a lot of patience, time and a tremendous amount of luck to make it happen.

The Other Man's journey from proposal to print took almost three years. My writer friends tell me this was fast. Really?

Here's what happened:

By late fall, 2010, I had what everyone considered an excellent book proposal, the go ahead to write the gay companion to The Other Woman -- a huge national best seller -- from that anthology's editor, Victoria Zackheim, and by early 2011, a terrific agent in my corner. My agent sent the proposal out to LGBT publishers. Some responded. Many didn't. In summer, 2011, given the feedback my agent received, I revamped the proposal and wrote a new introduction, asked contributors for samples of their essays, etc. My agent sent out the second proposal. We waited.

In late 2011, The Other Man got a bite from a respected LGBT publisher. The editors were split down the middle. Half loved the proposal, half didn't. We were down to the wire. Our emails crisscrossed cyberspace for several weeks. I asked a few of my contributors to send me more essays for the editors to review; my guys were terrific and
sent me their work. Then a week or so later, the final decision not to publish arrived in my inbox, along with a comment from one of the editors -- I'm paraphrasing here -- "Why would gay men be interested in reading about infidelity?" Hmm.

In early 2012, on my own and without my agent's involvement -- she doesn't handle short works -- I published a novella, The View From 16 Podwale Street, with JMS Books. At some point, I told my publisher, J.M. Snyder, about the proposed anthology and she wrote back saying she was interested. I was thrilled. The anthology was going to be a reality. Things were finally looking up for The Other Man. But then came another unanticipated problem: Several contributors, thinking the book wasn't happening, had dropped out and had gone on to other projects. It was then back to the drawing board and another search for well-respected, high quality writers to complete the contributor list.

In short, The Other Man, my three-year labor of love, is out today as an e book from JMS Books, with a print version to follow on May 31. How did I get so lucky? And the best part of the bargain is this: A portion of the proceeds from all sales will go to a charity near to all of our hearts, the It Gets Better Project. A win-win situation for everyone. Yes, it can happen. And it finally did.

Read an excerpt or buy a copy today!

But wait - there's more -

The Other Man: 21 Writers Speak Candidly About Sex, Love, Infidelity &
Moving On

Edited by Paul Alan Fahey

³Impassioned, witty, powerful voices examine infidelity and its effects on
love, trust and truth."
---Dennis Palumbo, psychotherapist and author of Night Terrors: A Daniel
Rinaldi Mystery.

³Full of bad behavior and ugly emotions. Contains some fine truths and
excellent storytelling."
---Christopher Bram, author of Gods and Monsters and Eminent Outlaws.

³By turns sprightly, poignant, piquant, sexy, scary, keen, naïve,
heartbreaking. ²
---Richard Stevenson, Lambda Award-winning author of the Don Strachey
private eye novels.

³Something for everyone regardless of your sexual orientation. A delight to
read such great writing.²

---Regina Anavy, Writer/Editor/Essayist

Honey French

Honey writes

Here is a link Bill Morem's article on Honey that was published on March 20 2013

Also on March 29, Honey was featured on a two-hour live steam on Satellite TV program The Way TV about my life and my book Officer Honey. The program went into a potential 40 million homes across the Middle East and North Africa, America and Canada.

Kudos to Honey!

CS Perryess

CLICK HERE:  Please see on this site, links to the short story that won the 2012 Ingrid Reti Award and a lot more from this very talented writer.

Chester's bio in his own words:

"I mostly write teen fiction, though I occasionally dabble in adult & middle grade short fiction. My short stories have appeared in Highlights for Children, READ, Pangolin Papers, Eureka, Short Story, & others, & have made it into anthologies four times, once in a Darby Creek publication to rub elbows with stories by Joseph Bruchac, David Lubar, & Terry Trueman, & once with Heinemann to slip between the covers with the likes of Vivian Vande Velde, Avi, Gloria Skurzynski, & Neal Shusterman. Under the tutelage of fellow Nightwriter, Anne Allen, I'm in the process of pulling together a short story collection I hope to make available as an e-book, & I'm still trying to get a traditional publisher to buy one of my completed teen novels. I've been in a Nightwriters critique group for 17 or 18 years & I'm an avid member of SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators), & co-coordinator for our county. Oh, & I teach middle school. Just in case all that doesn' keep me busy enough, I've launched myself into the world of audiobook narrating. To date I've narrated two Scottish zombie books for Crossroads Press & hope to finish my third in a couple of weeks. At that point, I'll start in on what will be my fourth audiobook, which is a middle grade book for Do Life Right, Inc.
Life is good."

Judy Salamacha


Judy Salamacha covers the Central Coast communities of Morro Bay, Cayucos and Los Osos/Baywood for her Monday column in the San Luis Obispo Tribune ( She is the Director for the Central Coast Writers' Conference, scheduled during the 3rd weekend of September for 28 years ( & FaceBook: CentralCoastWritersConference).

And she is active with the Cayucos Seniors and the Commission on Aging.

Formerly from Bakersfield, California, her latest all-consuming project is co-writing a book about the city’s namesake, Colonel Thomas Baker, titled Colonel Baker’s Field with Sandy Mittelsteadt and Chris Brewer, the great, great grandson of Colonel Baker. Jody Salamacha Hollier is illustrating the book due out late spring 2012.

Corrie Lynne Player



Educated in child care and family-related issues, Corrie Lynne Player has written for national magazines such as Family Circle, Parents, and Ladies Home Journal, as well as regional magazines and newspapers. Her published work includes Anchorage Altogether (a book of essays about parenting in Alaska), Dreams Do Come True (the biography of Philo T. Farnsworth, the inventor of television), So Your Teen Knows All the Answers (a survival manual for parents of teenagers), and two on-going weekly columns on parenting and relationships, both published under the title "Heaven Help Us."

ToTony Piazzany Piazza

In the 1970s Tony worked in the film and television industry with such stars as Michael Douglas, Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, & Clint Eastwood.

Published Mystery Writer - "Anything Short of Murder" (see our MEMBERS' BOOKS page). Has a second book, an action, adventure novel, due to be published in March 2012. Member of Sister's in Crime, L.A. and Central Coast Chapter.

Anne R. Allen


The author of five comic mysteries that debuted in 2011: Food of Love, The Gatsby Game, Ghostwriters in the Sky, Sherwood, Ltd, and The Best Revenge, with two publishers: Popcorn Press and MWiDP (see our MEMBERS' BOOKS page).  Anne's now working on a survival handbook for writers with Pay it Forward author Catherine Ryan Hyde, to be published by MWiDP in June 2012. She blogs with NYT bestselling author Ruth Harris.

Dennis Eamon Young


Photographer for SLO NightWriters. Dennis is a writer and professional photographer living in Shell Beach. Though he photographs everything, he specializes in portraits and commercial photography, and works on his stories and novels between photography sessions. Dennis began his photography career in New York City in 1969, with magazine and advertising assignments. He is a genuine people person and enjoys being a member of SLO NightWriters as both a writer and as staff photographer. You can email him at:; or write to him at PO Box 3438, Shell Beach, CA 93449

Anne Schroeder:


Anne Schroeder, many times published author (see our MEMBERS' BOOKS page), blogs about the small daily steps to a creative and fulfilling life. She draws from her hyphenated life as a mother-daughter-sister-redneck wife-baby boomer-too busy to live-grandma-writer and soulful observer of life. She invites you to follow her sometimes funny, always evocative essays and share your own experiences.

Evelyn Cole: Author, Gourmet Chef, and Ping Pong Champ! Champ!

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