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e-Line Edit Exchange Program

Peer Review Line Edit Exchange

·      Participate in our Electronic Peer Review Line Edit Exchange Program! 

·      The e-exchange is a wonderful benefit of membership so, join us with SLO NightWriters at

·      Obtain 1-to-1 critique feedback in electronic line-edit format.

Participation Guidelines: 

·      NW e-Line Edit Exchange partners are volunteer ‘peer reviewers’ and not necessarily ‘professional editors.’  Participants have varying levels of expertise.   You don’t need to be an expert to provide feedback and add value.

·      No fees are exchanged. 

·      Editing credits are not expected or required.

·      Participants contact each other for electronic line-edit exchange by email, using the list.  Face to face meetings are not required.

·      No obligation!  Reciprocation is encouraged. 

·      Participants are free to accept or decline any requests.

·      Participants make their own exchange agreements and time frame arrangements.

·      No Format Mandates - Participants use their own styles of editing and commenting.

·      As with all feedback, authors should follow their instincts.  If you don’t find value in the feedback, use the list and make another e-Exchange contact.

·      NW e-Line Edit Exchange partners are NightWriter Members – To get a copy of the list, add your name to the list.




Perfect for out-of-town, long-distance members! 


Assistance is available upon request.


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NW cannot guarantee E-Exchange availability but we are pleased to facilitate connections and support the learning and growth or our members.  If you have any questions, or require assistance please contact Janice Konstantinidis Critique Group Coordinator,  While NW cannot be, and is not, responsible for any outcomes from these partnerships, we hope they lead to great creative magic!  This requires that members tell us they are interested in participating and provide us with email contact information so we can add their names to the list.

NW Members, sign up to be added to the list!

Contact: Janice Konstantinidis

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