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Welcome to SLO NightWriters Website    


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About Us


The mission of San Luis Obispo NightWriters is to advance quality writing, promote publication, and expand author recognition in a forum that nurtures a spirit of community for all its members.


SLO NW is the Premier Writing Organization on the Central Coast and widely recognized for writer success and fulfillment and for providing SLO County with a palpable and encouraging spirit of community for Writers.


1. The power of the written word
2. The potential of creativity
3. Respect for diversity and individuality in self-expression
4. Mutual support in all aspects of writing; encouragement, sharing of resources, and celebration of success

Board Protocol:

The NW Board of Directors is comprised of equal peers. Members conduct themselves professionally and interact with respect to create and maintain an atmosphere of harmony and productivity.

Individual Board Members have the authority to make suggestions and recommendations regarding the work of their peers. Binding decisions are made by vote of a simple majority of the Board.

Board members work on behalf of the board. All NW related business activities and communications represent the Board and the NightWriter organization therefore, are always subject to review and approval by the Board.

Board job descriptions are developed, approved and maintained for ongoing use for future Board members.

Become A Member:

We invite you to become a member. You can find our easy to complete Membership Application by either clicking the menu item in the top menu bar on the Home Page that reads BECOME A MEMBER. Share the camaraderie and support of a group of talented writers.

SLO NightWriters members are both published and unpublished. We write literary fiction, genre fiction, poetry, memoir, nonfiction, newspaper and magazine articles, and much more.

Many of us live in San Luis Obispo County, California. We call our portion of paradise SLO.

We must arrange our schedules in imaginative ways in order to create our stories. Oftentimes that means writing during nighttime's quiet hours. Hence our organization's name, SLO NightWriters.



     The ability to post your bio, photo, website links, and published credits on the SLO NW website thus expanding your electronic 'platform' so others can find you when they e-search you, providing opportunities to e-link.

    The ability to submit writing for consideration/publication in Tolosa Press- SLO City News, Coast News and Bay News - thus beginning or expanding your publishing credits (  NightWriters has a collaborative/creative relationship with Tolosa.)

  Adding your NW membership status to your writers resume - SLO NightWriters is a respected writing organization - agents and publishers and perhaps even the reading public may generally appreciate professional affiliation with writing groups - it may help lend some credibility to an author.

   Having access to the SLO NightWriter Critique Group structure.

   Having the monthly NW Newsletter automatically mailed to you.

   The  $30 annual dues helps to support NW in their global mission to promote quality writing, promote publication and expand author recognition in a forum that nurtures a spirit of community for all its members.  SLO NightWriters can:

       Extend opportunities to advertise and expand members’ publications, websites, services, and platforms

       Contribute education & skill training through monthly programs, clinics, website, networking, and monthly e-newsletter

      Serve as a clearinghouse for SLO County writing events and information, sharing writing resources

      Provide a venue for SLO County writers to meet and connect with each other, nurturing an experience and spirit of community for writers

      Offer inspiration, encouragement, recognition and kudos to its members. 

       Present opportunities for peer review and critique

       Introduce local writers and their works to the San Luis Obispo Community

       Advance a recognition of the Central Coast of CA as a known entity for writer fulfillment and success

Speaker presentations at our monthly meetings.

Information about book fairs, writers conferences, and other relevant writers' new.

Please contact Janice Konstantinidis for any information regarding SLO NightWriters

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