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James B McPike

About James B. McPike

McPike's newest thriller THE EMERALD CAVE is finally here! It's the epic finale in the acclaimed Ramsey trilogy and will reveal hidden secrets about the Grail. Readers' Favorite gave it 5 stars. His previous book in the series THE LOST PROPHET was the 2016 winner in Christian Retailing's Best Awards for mystery/suspense. This was an incredible honor as NY Times Bestseller Joel C. Rosenberg won it the year before. In addition THE LOST PROPHET won the PACIFIC BOOK AWARD for Christian mystery/thrillers and the BEVERLY HILLS BOOK AWARD for Religion Fiction.

His favorite authors are David Morrell and Preston & Child. He has traveled the world, from Aruba to New Zealand and enjoys writing Christian-themed suspense/thrillers. He lives in Oakhurst, California where he enjoys the great outdoors. If you've read any of his books please take a moment to leave a review and help spread the word to fellow readers. Be on the lookout for his fifth and upcoming adventure tale SHIPWRECK ISLAND. It's about a famous treasure hunter who is recruited to search for New Zealand's most fabled shipwreck from the 1800s. He loves hearing from readers and you can reach him at or on his Facebook page.

Judythe Guarnera

Editor of the NightWriter column in Tolosa Press for five years, Judythe has been published in many online publications and local publications, seven anthologies, and one novel.

Twenty-Nine Sneezes

A Journey of Healing.

Ten year-old Emily ran away from her abusive father, but her journey was far from over. During the time he remained missing, she managed small steps forward, finding refuge in the supportive arms of her adoptive family and in the garden her gran, Marissa, created for her. 
The shaky foundation threatens to crumble around Emily and her family when her father and her uncles step into the picture.
Will she manage to summon the courage she needs to face him in court to assure that he can never again inflict his brand of pain on anyone else?
Although the story related here is fiction, others who are moving from victim to survivor status can relate to and experience hope as they share this family’s journey to healing.

y share this family’s journey to healing.

Mark Arnold

Two centuries ago this year, Mary Shelley wrote the book that changed the literary worldbut the story of her life makes Frankenstein look like a bedtime tale for children. This is the story of how she learned to write.

Although her father gave her a far better education than any woman of the age could hope have, her life became a nightmare. By the time she was fifteen, a married man, Percy Shelley, courted her on her mother’s grave. When she was sixteen, she escaped from home by running away for a six-week walking tour of Europe forming a ménage a trois with her sister and her lover. Retuning home, her father threw her out when he learned she was pregnant.

Two mentors, Shelly and Byron, coached her to expand her understanding of writing. Shelley provided polish while her mentor, Lord Byron, challenged her. Together, they urged her prove she was as good a writer as the best poet-philosophers of the Enlightenment. Both men admired her mind, and both wanted more. By the time she was twenty, she invented a new literary genre’, Science Fiction, and published the book that, two hundred years later, has never been out of print.

“M. R. Arnold has managed an extraordinary feat of fiction: He channels Mary Shelley so authentically in this richly researched, vividly executed rendering of the story behind the woman who gave the world Frankenstein, you could almost believe she had written this book herself."  

  • Jordan Rosenfeld--author of Women in Red and Forged in Grace

Charlotte D’Aigle

Charlotte writes fiction under her maiden name, D’Aigle, which is Cajun French, and non-fiction under her married name, Berney. She has just published two e-books on Amazon, Atmospheric Mysteries: Intriguing Stories with a Sense of Place; and a mystery novel, The Owl Cried Twice, set in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Two unicorn e-books can be found on Amazon: The Unicorn and the Whirling Wizard (youth fiction) and The Unicorn Dialogues (metaphysics).

Her book, Fundamentals of Hawaiian Mysticism (Penguin Random House, 2000) by Charlotte Berney is in print and available from booksellers. 

Rolynn Anderson

A Scottie named Elly plays a vital role in FAINT, 3rd of the funeral planner suspense series.  So does a blind forensic investigator and a free lance embalmer.  Add a man with Alzheimer’s and a very pregnant woman…all involved in solving crimes and facing danger.  

You’re in for a wild ride with FAINT!  

Amazon (Kindle and paperback):

Smashwords (all other formats):


Kalila Volkov

Hiking Trail, Treasure Land:

Kalila playfully captures the beauty of Point Buchon Trail, a favorite hiking trail among locals and tourists located on the California Central Coast.  In this picture book, she has photographed wildlife, scenery, guard dogs, snakes and much more.  Discover tidbits about these and many other treasures one might find on the trail.  Details on and available by emailing

Baxter Clare Troutman


Baxter Clare Trautman is a Lambda finalist for her LA Franco mystery series. She grew up half wild in the Central American tropics, moved back to the States where she continued to haunt favorite treehouses, and eventually settled in a real house on the California coast. Never far from nature, she earns her keep as a wildlife biologist, and lives in the boonies with her wife and a beloved assortment of animals. In addition to the Franco series, Trautman is also the author of  Spirit of the Valley and The River Within. She welcomes you to stop by and say hello at

Baxter Clare Trautman
Author: L.A. Franco mystery series, The River Within, Spirit of the Valley.

Brian Neary

Briam Neary


Following his award winning first novel, "Hawk," Brian Neary delivers the second in the series. Winner of the Inkylink Best Thriller of 2014 Award - “Twenty Seven Million” is a brain teasing thriller featuring CIA agent Quentin Hawk, the former pro athlete with the Mensa IQ. 

After a stunning kidnap in Los Angeles, the graffiti-styled ransom note is delivered to the Pope’s personal mailbox in Rome. Agent Hawk is 5000 miles away, hoisting his fourth pint of Guinness in a Dublin pub. He’ s about to teach a local bully a lesson in Muay Thai dirty-fighting when he gets the call from Langley. The Vatican has called in the CIA. 

Two days in Rome and Hawk has already stepped on enough red shoes to be angrily fired by the Pope’s secretary. The CIA follows suit and pulls him off the case. Unrelenting, belligerent as ever - Hawk ignores the “pussies” at Langley and persists, using the only two leads he’s got… an on-line master criminal and the two women who are willing to give their lives to protect him.  The conclusion is a stunner. 

Kindle and Paperback:

Movie Trailerfor book #1 “Hawk.”    

Brian Neary CV:

SLO NightWriter's Anthology

The Best of SLO NightWriters in Tolosa Press 2009-2013


Edited by Judythe A. Guarnera

Cover design by Steve Kliewer
Cover Photograph by
Dennis Eamon Young Photo

Eldonna Edwards:

Publications by Eldonna Edwards:

Lost In Transplantation: Memoir of an Unconventional Organ Donor
Anne Lamott meets Nora Ephron in this entertaining memoir of massage therapist and single mother Ellie's mission to donate a kidney to an ailing stranger. What starts out as a single act of compassion turns into a four-year struggle peppered with bureaucratic and personal obstacles and an unexpected conclusion. Written with self-effacing humor and warm authenticity,Lost in Transplantation seeks to touch that place in each of us that hopes to find meaning and purpose in our overlapping lives.

From the Back Cover: One Gently Used Kidney, Free to a Good Home. When 48 year-old single mother, massage therapist and returning student Ellie meets a young woman with kidney disease, she decides to make it her mission to save the girl. Unfortunately, outdated rules made it difficult for altruistic donors, and besides, the woman doesn't want a savior. Does this stop Ellie from her quest to "be the change" one seeks in the world? Not a chance.

Told with humor and self-reflection, this inspirational memoir of courage and compassion is interwoven with anecdotal stories that help the reader identify what kind of person commits the selfless act of organ donation. Ellie,a self-described devout agnostic, is kind but often irreverent. She is generous, but she is no saint. Ultimately, becoming a kidney donor has given her a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment. Lost in Transplantation asserts that we are all capable of altering a human being's life for the better, including our own.

Print and eBook available at Amazon:

Or the author's website:

About the author:

Eldonna Edwards is the author of two journaling books, Journaling from the Heart and Loose Ends. Her memoir, Lost in Transplantation, chronicles a life-changing decision to donate a kidney to an ailing stranger. She is also the subject of the award-winning documentary titled "Perfect Strangers" that follows one kidney patient and one potential kidney donor in their search for a possible match. Eldonna--who also goes by Ellie--currently lives on the central California coast where she practices massage therapy and advocates for living organ donation. Her debut novel is planned for publication in 2016.

Eldonna is available as a keynote speaker and/or breakout session facilitator on the topics of finding happiness through altrusim, organ donation, writing the memoir, and living an authentic life as well as screenings of the documentary, Perfect Strangers.

Follow her on Facebook or Twitter:

Lost in Tranplantation

Jerry Smith -

Rattlesnake Smith, Author of the $.99 E-chapbook series,
Exploring Our Relationship with the Natural Universe
Control plus a left click on any of the links (urls) accesses
Kindle E-books at
They are downloadable to your PC, Android or Mac device:



COCKLEBURR: Dad’s Nickname for Me:





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Jason Matthews

Dear friends -

After 3.5 years I'm finally releasing a new book called Better You, Better Me.

It was written after things happened that had a profound impact on me. It continues to shape my life for the better, and I believe it can help you too with prosperity, relationships, money, health and more.

I hope you'll have a look at it and support me as an author. The book is just $3.99 and might have the same positive influence on your life as it did for mine.

This is the global Amazon link -

Thank you for your support.

Jason Matthews

Jason Matthews

Baxter Clare Trautman

The River Within
The River Within

Three women. Three lies. One chance to tell the truth.
For thirty years Foreign Correspondent Greer Madison has competed brilliantly in a man’s world. But the hardships of a life spent reporting from war zones have caught up to her and she returns to the States to recuperate at the home of her best friend, Darlene Richardson. Darlene has secrets of her own and for the first time in their thirty-year friendship keeps Greer at a distance. Kate, Darlene’s spontaneous, willful daughter is desperate to bring her struggling family together after the death of her brother, Chris.

The bonds the three women share are strained, reforged, and ultimately strengthened as they struggle to choose between the lives they think they should have and the lives they want. But first they must choose whether to stay on the safety of the known shore or to dive into the uncharted but healing waters of The River Within.

I'd also like to encourage any self-publishers who want to get published by a house to keep at it, as The River Within was originally self-published and then picked up by a publisher who loved it. So take heart and keep pen to paper! Or fingers to keys!

Baxter Clare Trautman
Author website at

Ron Rayborne

Ron would like members of SLO NightWriters to know that his book 'Opalescence' is due for release at Smashwords on February 1st 2014.

Ron R

Have you ever wondered about Eden? Was there ever a true paradise on earth? Yes, and that world was the prehistoric world of the middle Miocene. The future is dystopian, but time travel is discovered. Accidentally. Now begin a journey back to a lush world gone by. Opalescence is an imaginary tale of a real world. A world that very few know anything about. Come now, come visit the middle Miocene.

About Ron Rayborne:
Ron has always felt a special affinity for our unique planet. A long-time California hiker, many of the experiences within Opalescence are actual occurrences.
Read Ron's Blog:

Mark Onspaugh

Mark Onspaugh

From a brilliant new voice in horror comes a riveting nightmare of ancient evil unleashedundefinedand the bravery and sacrifice of those called to combat it.

In 1948, when he was just a boy, Jimmy Kalmaku trained with his uncle to be the shaman of his Tlingit village in Alaska. There he learned the old legends, the old myths, the old secrets. Chief among them was that of a mask locked in a prison of ice, and of the faceless god imprisoned within: a cruel and vengeful god called T'Nathluk, dedicated to the infliction of pain and suffering.

Now all but forgotten in a Seattle retirement home, Jimmy finds his life turned upside down. For when an unwitting archaeologist pries the mask free of its icy tomb, he frees T’Nathluk as well. Stuck in spirit form, the Faceless One seeks a human to serve as a portal through which he can enter our reality. The Faceless One can controlundefinedand mercilessly tortureundefinedanyone who touches the mask, which means there is no shortage of slaves to ferry it across the country to its chosen host.

Yet the Faceless One has foes as well: Stan Roberts, a tough New York cop whose pursuit of justice will lead him into a dark abyss of the soul; Steven, Liz, and Bobby, the family of the doomed archaeologist; and Jimmy Kalmaku, who must at last become the shaman of his boyhood dreams.

Advance praise for The Faceless One

“A stunning debut . . . With The Faceless One, Mark Onspaugh has given us a chilling dark fantasy with an Alaskan shamanic backdrop. The beauty of this weird world is as profound as its terror. I could not turn these pages fast enough!”undefinedJanet Fitch, author of White Oleander and Paint It Black

“Mark Onspaugh’s writing captures that same eye-popping strangeness I loved so much in the works of Charles Beamont and Fritz Leiber. The Faceless One is classic horror from an author who has earned his stripes and knows how to scare you blind.”undefinedJoe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award–winning author of Dead City and The Savage Dead

About the Author

Mark Onspaugh is a California native and the author of more than forty published short stories. Like many writers, he is perpetually curious, having studied psychology at UCLA, exotic animals at Moorpark College’s exotic animal training & management program, improv comedy with the Groundlings, and special-effects makeup. Mark has also written for film and television. He currently lives in Cambria, California, with his wife and three peculiar cats. The Faceless One is his first novel.

Pre-order your copy of THE FACELESS ONE
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBookstore | Google Play | Other retailers

Connect with Mark Onspaugh
Facebook | Twitter | Website

Connect with Hydra
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Tony Piazza: 

New Book!

Who said honeymoons aren’t dangerous?  This one was murder!


Private investigator Tom Logan and his girlfriend Rita finally tie the knot, choosing a turn-of-the-century beach resort on Coronado Island as their ideal honeymoon escape. Unfortunately what begins as a romantic getaway, ends suddenly with murder. A bestselling author is brutally killed on the night of a mystery writers’ convention, and Logan is forced to postpone their plans when drawn reluctantly into the case. During the course of the investigation, Logan meets an odd assortment of suspects that include: a soon-to-be ex-wife seeking monetary compensation, a jealous husband whose wife may be having an affair with the author, the writer’s male secretary who’s subservience to his boss was wearing thin, a lady mystery author with an agenda all her own, and a pair of publishers whom the writer accuses of plagiarism. A famous actor who plays a detective on the screen also makes a surprise appearance, as does a hotel ghost who just refuses to check out. Matching wits with a vengeful killer is what Logan does best, and he does exactly that in Murder is Such Sweet Revenge.


Available on Amazon in print, e-book, and audiobook formats.

 A Murder Amongst Angels:

A Murder Amongst Angels.
Sexy, platinum blonde movie siren, Gertrude Hurd had it all- fame, men, and riches. But now she was dead. A fallen angel, whose broken body and tarnished halo was lying on a hillside behind her beach front café. It’s 1931, and private detective Tom Logan is back, once again immersed in a perplexing mystery, that has him racing against time to track down a merciless killer. As the body count grows, so do the suspects, as his investigation soon has him bucking against corrupt city officials, the mob, and the Hollywood studio system. Packed with mystery, action, romance, humor, and characters you won’t easily forget, this fantastic sequel delivers everything promised from the first novel and more.
A Murder Amongst Angels is an nostalgic, hard-boiled detective mystery that takes readers back to the era of Chandler and Hammett, while creating a niche all its own.


Peaches in Winter a short story by Ximena T. Ames: 


Ximena writes: 

"I would like to inform you  that my short story: "Peaches in Winter", is being published in my new book “Chicken Soup for the Soul-Christmas.” The book will be in stores and Amazon on October 8, 2013."

Beryl Reichenberg:

Beryl Reichenberg, fiber artist and children’s book author, continues her classes for young children at the Almond Acres Academy in San Miguel on October 1 and October 8 from 2 to 3 with new book making forms, including a Halloween themed book and various accordion book forms.

Beryl will also be attending a breakfast sponsored by the Santa Barbara School District office for children’s authors, teachers and others interested in children’s literature on October 2 at the district offices. Her books, currently on sale at Chaucer’s Bookstore will be available along with other authors for sale at the breakfast.

Beryl will also be doing another book making class for children at the Studios on the Park in Paso Robles. Contact the Studios for time and date at The theme of the book will be about Halloween.

Beryl’s new children’s book, Clowning Around. is due to be published by Oak Tree Press in October. It will be available at Whiz Kids Toy Store, the Gallery at the Network and the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art among other local bookstores and shops by the end of the month. Clowning Around is a story about Charlie the Clownfish who likes to perform tricks for the children who come to see him at his aquarium tank. The other fish in the tank become jealous and devise a plan to keep him from getting all the attention.


The Mysterious Case of the Missing Birthday Cake is a fun read for children ages 3 to 6.
Written and Illustrated by Beryl Reichenberg

The story begins with a birthday party for Freda the Frog and a yummy chocolate cake, but when all the animals were playing hide and seek, Freda noticed that her cake was missing. Soon everyone was on the hunt for clues that would lead to the missing cake.

Hunting for clues is an effective way of getting readers to interact with the story, and it’s also good to get their imaginations soaring. A good example of this is seen when Molly the Mouse imagined all kinds of wild monsters when they discovered the clue of the big footprints!

Reichenberg successfully brings out the typical (as we know it) character traits of the animals; for example, Molly the Mouse is timid, Jackie Jay has a sharp eye and is very observant, and Rocky the Racoon is very inquisitive - playing the part of the detective and leading the group to look for clues. The Mysterious Case of the Missing Birthday Cake encourages bravery, observation, friendship and kindness. It shows the importance of working together as a team and has a good lesson about kindness that can be grasped quite easily by readers of all ages. The illustrations of the animals are uniquely blended with photography of scenes of nature. This lends to the realistic imagery of the book.

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Birthday Cake can be used to teach sequence of events and it’s a great read-aloud story time book for pre-schoolers and kindergartners.

Connect with the author and check out other fun reads by Beryl Reichenberg on her blog!

Butterfly Girls by Beryl Reichenberg:

Butterfly Girls is about two sisters who find a chrysalis in their backyard. When the Monarch butterfly emerges, she teaches them to fly and takes them on amazing adventures. But the little girls soon learn that Monarch butterflies migrate south for the winter. Deeply disappointed, they must wait until spring for new adventures. Young children from ages three to eight will enjoy reading this fantasy and learning about the life cycle of Monarch butterflies

When Caterpillars Dream:

When Caterpillars Dream is also a picture book for young children, but it contains more detailed information about Monarchs. This story answers the question, what do caterpillars dream about while they are in their chrysalis becoming butterflies. One such caterpillar, named Cathy, dreams of the incredible journey she will make, flying south for the winter after she emerges and the perils of such a journey.

These children's picture books  are now published and ready for purchase on and through Oak Tree Press Both books were published by Oak Tree Press and are in paperback. Both are about Monarch butterflies in a fantasy format, but they contain information about these marvelous creatures and their migration patterns.

Heidi Gill:

Coming from two very different backgrounds, cultures and languages my husband and I always knew we wanted to teach our children about different cultures and languages.  I grew up with English being spoken as the main language in my home and my husband grew up with Punjabi.  Among learning about other cultures and languages it was very important for our kids to be able to communicate with their grandparents.

After actively looking for different types of learning tools to help teach them other languages, I decided to write my own book in a manner that I thought would be the best way for them to practice reading as well as learn different languages and cultures.

Using bright and invigorating illustrations to help the children engage in active learning, I created a five-book series written in English with over fifty phonetically translated words in each book. Each book is distinguished by categories, such as, food, transportation, and sports in different languages. The languages vary from Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, Egyptian-Arabic and French.

I enjoy visiting Elementary Schools, children’s boutique stores and book stores teaching kids about the unity and wellness among children all around the world.

Contact Information:





Phone: 805-242-6803  

Barbara M Hodges:

Barbara is  a published author of eight novels. 

Her latest: 

ONE LAST SIN -  A mystery.


For more about Barbara and her writing, please visit her website at:
Barbara is also host of:

No Limits -  Blog Talk Radio

Emails to Daddy by Andrea Chmelik

Emails to Daddy

In July of 2012, Andrea self published a book "E-mails to Daddy." The book is about her two year old Kai, who travels to Slovakia with his Mom to visit his Grandparents and relatives. It is a compilation of humorous observations about differences between cultures and generations as seen through the eyes of a toddler.

Andrea Chmelik

Andrea was born and raised in Slovakia. After receiving a Master's degree in molecular biology, she decided to have one last adventure before starting her career and settling down. Little did she know that she would never again do anything science related, and that adventure would never stop. She came to Long Island, NY in 2002 as an au-pair and stayed for three years. She then moved to Colorado, Utah, and finally landed in California. She lives in Pismo Beach with her husband, son, daugher and two cats. She started blogging regularly in 2011. She mainly blogs about challenges of motherhood, but also comments on other topics, ranging from identifying home to dealing with death. 
She was honored to be chosen a featured member at

Andrea's current book and blogs can be found at:  Emails to Daddy (print book)


Nether Bound by Bonnie Rae

Seventeen-year-old Ava Walker has everything a girl could ask for. She’s captain of the cheer squad, has tons of friends,
and could easily have any guy she wants. Being popular is easy.

Lying about her entire life, on the other hand, isn’t.

Since she was little, Ava has had a connection with the dearly departed. She knows seeing dead people is abnormal,
but they never try to communicate, so she does her best to turn a blind eye. The older she gets, the worse her visions become.
With more and more ghosts showing up, her secret is on the verge of driving her mad.

The only person Ava ever trusted is her best friend, Devon. Only, she hasn’t really talked to him in years and lately
he hasn’t been acting like himself.

To make things worse, her evil stepfather, Mark, is hitting the bottle harder and harder. Ava hates the alcoholic psycho her mother
married a few years ago. To him, beating women is a sport. Lately, the beatings are getting worse. Ava fears it won’t be long before
 her mother is among the ghosts invading her life.

She wishes Mark would just die. When he suddenly does, her life changes forever.

Just when she thinks her family is safe, Mark shows back up.

Not all ghosts are silent, and dear old Daddy wants some serious revenge.

Be careful what you wish for …

Bonnie Rae spent her early childhood in the sunny state of California. At the time, she was an only child with a very large imagination.
Thanks to her Grandmother, the love of reading books started at a very young age. Through books, Bonnie learned you could be transported
into other worlds. The addiction was instant. She started her first set of novels at the age of sixteen and has been writing ever since.

Find her website at:

Nether Bound can be obtained at:

Enchanted By Sacred Stones, Ireland, Deeper Than Memory by

Maryaine Curtis:

This is the compelling story of one woman's dream and the way it unfolded to bring her closer to her ancient roots. MaryAine Curtis discovers for herself the magic of intention, dreams and desires as she manifests her destiny in the magic and mystery of the land called Ireland. In her search for life's meaning, she discovers her own.

The scars of time are the experiences that make us who we are. The shadows give us our strength."I was given a second chance at life, and I intend to live to my best ability by staying true to the inner voice that guides me andnudges me to take another leap of faith."

It began with a desire to experience Newgrange, an ancient Megalithic Passage Tomb. Twenty eight days and 2,800 kilometers around
the island only scratched the surface of all that is there. This is a transformational insight and photo guide to wonderful ancient sites,
that will make you want to experience the deeper memory of Ireland too!

 MaryAine Curtis is a Visionary. Growing up in a family of nine children shaped her imagination, resourcefulness and strong desire to
explore the world.
Photography, travel and helping others to "take their lives back", are the passions that give her creativity a Voice. She lives in Central California
where she writes, helps people heal and captures nature’s beauty with her camera. MaryAine is surrounded by her huge family and lifelong friends
that keep the wind in her sails. Find her website at

Enchanted By Sacred Stones can be viewed and purchased at:

*When you order the book from, an online company, it will be shipped directly to you or the person you buy it for.

Local folks receive 1/2 off the price of a massage (receipt is necessary).

Officer Honey, by Honey French:

At 5’2" Honey   was   one  of  the   first  women officers in a men’s prison. Her traumatic life gave her  compassion,
understanding, and the desire to help men change.   She  knew  hurting  people hurt others.  Her sorrows weren’t wasted
but instead were eventually used for her good and the benefit of others.

Honey had an encounter with God while alone in a gun tower at 3:50 am. Then God gave Honey supernatural knowledge
about inmates and staff to show God’s concern and heart of love for those who are hurt and damaged by life’s circumstances...
both those suffering through no fault of their own and also those whose wrong choices cause their pain.

This book will encourage those who are having difficulty coping with life, families who have incarcerated
love ones, prison staff, and prisoners.

Read about escapes deterred, sexual harassment, amazing transformations and miraculous healings of staff and inmates . . .
Supernatural God adventures!

136 Pages

can be purchased from: Healing Rooms of Santa Maria, from The Parable Book Store San Luis Obispo,

and from the author's web site:  also at, as an eBook at and at

Barnes and Nobles:

Barnes and Nobles Nobles Nook Book Link:

Lusitania Lost
, by Leonard Carpenter:

History, romance, action. This is the final voyage of the Lusitania, the world's fastest luxury liner torpedoed
by a German U-boat in the first year of the Great War. The story is told above and below decks, in the capitals
and battlefields of Europe. We meet world leaders, the swank Broadway party set on shipboard, and the relentless
submarine crew who fired the torpedo that launched America into war.

Alma Brady,a torch singer on the run from a New York mob boss, joins a group of nurses headed for the battlefront
 in Europe. Aboard the Lusitania she meets Matthew Vane, a war correspondent who wants to find out what secret weapons
 may be hidden in the cargo hold. During the one-week voyage, the characters are drawn into romance, intrigue and murder,
 culminating in a disaster whose full harrowing details have never been revealed in history or fiction.

Available in Ebook format at: or

Visit Leonard Carpenter's blog at:


, by Leonard Carpenter: Biohacker is a near-future medical thriller about a designer plague. The anonymous
computer and gene hacker, a physician/stalker obsessed with reducing Earth's population, announces his intent in highly
personal emails to journalists Will and Eva Warner. They soon realize that the plague's creator must be one of the team they've
been helping to fight the Blackpox epidemic. But which one?

Settings are international, from highrise LA towers to hospitals to third world slums in over-stressed 2037. Future hi-tech
includes freeway rail lanes, crowded urban Skylanes, and flying air terminals known as Skyports. The characters are diverse
and at their own risk, become romantically involved. The troubled and delusional antagonist is in treatment with an AI computer
talking-head named Dr. Ergo, but he has difficulty keeping the therapy sessions offline.

From a violent, sinister buildup as the contagion is released, the mystery deepens. Events accelerate to a final chase and
confrontation that will settle the fate of the world and its human occupants.

This highly-charged novel may spark controversy, or even social movements, but it will certainly grip the reader.
The story delivers a tense, mind-bending conclusion as the investigators, or those who survive, learn the diabolical secret of the biohacker. Available in Ebook format at: or

Visit Leonard Carpenter's blog at:


Anything Short of Murder, by Tony Piazza:

Logan was a former L.A.P.D. cop unceremoniously discharged from the force because of his honesty. A bootlegger 

had tossed him some money to look the other way, and in response he tossed the criminal. Logan was a hardboiled, 

two-fisted, no nonsense kind of guy that would rather take it on the chin than get his hands dirty with tainted mob money. 

Ousted from the force, he decides to set up his own business as a gumshoe in a town known for glitter, glamour, and girls.

The minute the dame walked up to Logan, he smelled trouble. A “real looker”, with tons of money and a daddy

 who enjoyed spoiling her. She asked him to investigate a note whose message was clear: keep your mouth shut or die. 

The first day on the job, its fatal warning becomes a reality, and the woman is murdered… or so it seems. 

Very shortly he discovers that it wasn’t the woman at all, but someone who looked very much like her. Twists and turns 

abound as Logan’s investigation leads him through a labyrinth of blackmail, lies, and of course, murder!

ISBN: 9781608449316
248 pages

Available in Ebook & Paperback formats at: or As well, you can purchase Mr. Piazza's book from his

Author Page On,

or from the Anythingshortofmurder Website.

The Curse of The Crimson Dragon
, by Tony Piazza:

There is a Serpent in Paradise!

Captain Matthew “Rogue” Ryan was a pilot in the Army Air Corps, and a damn good one at that. 

Accepting an honorable discharge, he buys a used DC 3 and begins a charter service in Hawaii.

 Away from the European theatre he thinks that he has found peace in paradise undefined that is,

 until two government agents show up on his doorstep with a line that his country needs his 

services. A nuclear fission scientist and his daughter have gone missing while vacationing on Maui, 

and the U.S. government is sure that the Third Reich is behind it. Confident of Ryan’s abilities and 

his comprehensive knowledge of the islands, the agents believe he is the best man to discover what 

happened. This request, however, is only the beginning of an adventure that takes Ryan and his R.A.F. 

pal Manning across three islands, facing larger-than-life dangers and ruthless adversaries, ever racing 

toward the brink of a horrifying discovery that could turn the course of the war and perhaps change 

the face of freedom for the entire world.

The Curse of the Crimson Dragon is one hell of an adventure. It is set in the romantic backdrop of the tropical Hawaiian Islands and packed with enough action, suspense, and intrigue to please the most discerning thrill seeker. This escapism reading conjures up memories of the novels of the late Ian Fleming or the adventures of a certain archeologist of recent times.

304 pages

Available at: or As well, you can purchase Mr. Piazza's book from his Author Page On,

or from the Curseofthecrimsondragon Website

Bullitt Points (2012), by Tony Piazza:

Bullitt Points, a new ebook by film historian and author Tony Piazza. Tony shares his memories of Steve McQueen during the filming
 of Bullitt. You won’t want to miss this fascinating behind the scenes account of the making of the movie!
Introduction by Dave Congalton, popular KVEC talk show host, and screenplay writer.
Purchase at or Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords websites. All proceeds goes to The Boys Republic,
a charity that helps troubled youth.

 Mark Arnold


If Wishes Were Horses
(2011), by Mark Arnold:

Ani Bolles hunts varmints for a living. Kira Adams rides in prestigious equestrian contests. Yet this unlikely couple is just what Mikol Collier
needs to find a lost starship. There's more than one answer to age old riddles about love and loss, seeking and finding and what you get as opposed
 to what you wished for.

Ebook: Category: Fiction>Literature>Science Fiction-Adventure
Word Count: 16097 (approximate)

Available in all popular Ebook formats at



Last Resort (2011)

by Rolynn Anderson: 

Corporate fixer Rena Gordon needs to wrench a Canadian resort out of the red in time for the 

Canadian-American Winter Games -- but employees bent on sabotage are blocking her every move. 

When her loose-cannon sister arrives after being kicked out of yet another school, Rena must face the past s

he's worked so hard to hide, while fighting her attraction to a local fishing guide.

CIA agent Neal Jackson is undercover as a fishing guide to find terrorists at Big Bay. He needs Rena's

 confidence to access her employee files without exposing his identity, but despite his vow to keep a professional distance, his feelings for her are anything but businesslike.

Caught between vengeful employees, a sister who likes to party, and a hot CIA agent -- Rena’s corporate 

training didn't prepare her for this. Can she trust her instincts to save the people and resort she's grown to love?

Rating: Sensual
Page Count: 282
Word Count 75000
Print ISBN: 1-60154-925-3

Available at The Wild Rose Press, or Read more about Rolynn Anderson's work on her website, or her blog. Or visit her Facebook page.

Food of Love (Popcorn Press 2011), by Anne R. Allen: 

After Princess Regina, a former supermodel, is outed in the tabloids for gaining weight, someone tries 

to kill her. She suspects her royal husband wants to be rid of her now that she’s no longer model-thin. 

Stalked by the mysterious assassin, she seeks refuge with the only person she can trust: her long-estranged 

foster sister, Rev. Cady Stanton, a right-wing talk show host who has romantic and weight issues of her own. 

Available at

THE GATSBY GAME, by Anne R. Allen:

(Romantic comedy/mystery: Mark Williams international Digital Publishing, October 2011) When Fitzgerald-quoting
 con man Alistair Milborne is found dead a movie star’s motel room igniting a world-wide scandal 
the small-town police can’t decide if it’s an accident, suicide, or foul play. As evidence of murder emerges,
Nicky Conway, the smart-mouth nanny, becomes the prime suspect. She’s the only one who knows what happened.
But she also knows nobody will ever believe her. The story is based on the real mystery surrounding the death of David Whiting,
actress Sarah Miles’ business manager, during the filming of the 1973 Burt Reynolds movie “The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing.”

Available at as an Ebook; paperback edition soon-to-come from Popcorn Press.

(Romantic comedy/mystery: Mark Williams international Digital Publishing, October 2011)
After her celebrity ex-husband’s ironic joke about her “kinky sex habits” is misquoted in a tabloid,
New York etiquette columnist Camilla Randall’s life unravels in bad late night jokes. Nearly broke and
down to her last Hermes scarf, she accepts an invitation to a Z-list Writers’ Conference in the
wine-and-cowboy town of Santa Ynez, California, where, unfortunately, a cross-dressing dominatrix plies
her trade by impersonating Camilla. When a ghostwriter’s plot to blackmail celebrities with faked evidence
leads to murder, Camilla must team up with the dominatrix to stop the killer.

Available at as an Ebook; paperback edition soon-to-come from Popcorn Press.

SHERWOOD, LTD., by Anne R. Allen:

(Romantic comedy/mystery: Mark Williams international Digital Publishing, November 2011)
Suddenly-homeless American manners expert Camilla Randall becomes a 21st century Maid Maria --
living rough near the real Sherwood Forest with a band of outlaw English erotica publishers -- led by a
charming, self-styled Robin Hood who unfortunately may intend to kill her. When Camilla is invited to publish
a book of her columns with UK publisher Peter Sherwood, she lands in a gritty criminal world -- far from
the Merrie Olde England she envisions. Hungry and penniless, she camps in a Wendy House built from
pallets of porn while battling an epic flood, a mendacious American Renfaire wench, and the mysterious killer
who may be Peter himself. This one was inspired by  Anne’s own adventures in the UK with her first publishers, SilverMoon.

Available at as an Ebook.

THE BEST REVENGE, by Anne R. Allen:  

(Romantic comedy/mystery: Popcorn Press) When Camilla Randall, a 1980s New York debutante, is assaulted
 by her mother’s fiancé, dissed in the newspapers by a sexy muckraking journalist, then loses all her money in
 the Savings and Loan Scandal, she seeks refuge with her gay best friend in California. But her friend has
developed heterosexual tendencies and an inconvenient girlfriend, so Camilla has to move in with wild-partying
 friends. To make things a whole lot worse, a famously debauched TV star ends up dead after one of their parties,
 and Camilla is arrested for his murder. In order to clear her name and find the real killer, she must turn to a
 friendly sanitation worker, a dotty octogenarian neighbor and the muckraking journalist who ridiculed her
who also happens to be her boss.  Available at as an Ebook, and as a paperback book at

Evy Cole

Tough Journey

A Tough Journey, by Evy Cole:

In Huntington Beach, CA, someone is killing the neighborhood dogs. Bernie, a local surfer and 

photojournalist in conflict with his father over politics, tried to find the killer. On the way to discovering 

the identity of the murderer, Bernie travels from the depths of despair to the mysteries of his own heart. 

Available at, or contact Novel available at


Gambling For Good Mail, by Evy Cole: 

Take a romp through contemporary Southern California culture. You’ll encounter self-help groups, 

weird addictions, drive-in religion, romance novel contest, time-share sales, serial marriages, chiropractic

 manipulations and stuffed pets, all overshadowed by an unusual and tragic love story. Contact

Novel available at or at

For Sake

For The Sake Of All Others, by Evy Cole: 

When star high school basketball player Jason Foster III hangs himself in the school gym, principal 

Harold Martin works to discover the reason, for the sake of all the other students in the school. Along the

 way, and at great personal risk, he uncovers the deeply secret flaws of this wealthy seaside community.

But he can’t stop. 

Contact Novel available at and at


Ahead of Time

Ahead of Time, by Sherry Eiselsen: a novel available at

The Human Side of Child Care Administration, by Sherry Eiselen: a non-fiction text book.

Help, I’m Stuck With These People For the Rest of Eternity, by Susan Gaddis: 

A pastor once said that ministry and church life would be great if it wasn’t for the people. Others have said the 

same thing about church leaders. Help, I’m Stuck With These People For The Rest of Eternity! shares practical, 

scriptural guidance along with real life stories guaranteed to help build healthier relationships. User-friendly and 

easy to read, this book will enable you to live peaceably with those nice and the not-so-nice folks in your life. 

Author’s website: Word DIVAS website: Holy in the Daily Blog:

Email address:

Intercessors, God’s End-time, by Susan Gaddis: Providing a scriptural foundation and practical application, 

this book on prayer instructs and releases intercessors to enter the fullness of their calling and encourages those 

who are currently on the front lines of intercession. Susan shares her stories drawn from years of experience as a 

pastor and prayer warrior. She believes that with feet firmly planted in Scripture, intercessors can be secure in their 

duties and experience. 

Author’s website: Word DIVAS website: Holy in the Daily Blog:

Email address:

Tales From The Corner, An Anthology:Tales

Featuring Paul Fahey, Troy Parker Farr, Debra Davis Hinkle, Karen Juran, Jim Leonard, Shirley Powell, Terry Sanville and Laurie Woodward. 

A collection of works including fiction, humor, children’s literature, fantasy, non-fiction, personal reflections, and poetry by local talent. Available at


Heroes Arise, by Laurel Anne Hill: published by Komenar Publishing (  

Contact her at


Bible Guide

A Little Bible Guide for Carly, by Jim Leonard: published by Trafford Publishing in Victoria, BC, Canada. 

Order at: Contact him at:

Sue McGinty

Murder in Mariposa Bay, by Sue McGinty:


What connects Bella’s husband Mike, an ex-mobster, a local legend known as the Wandering Nun, and a New Zealand librarian? Bella Kowalski, herself a former nun turned sleuth, seeks to solve the puzzle as she becomes embroiled in a murder that sullies California’s pristine Central Coast.

Available at Amazon in print and e-book. Print book also available at Volumes of Pleasure in Los Osos, Coalesce Bookstore in Morro By, at, or through the San Luis Obispo County Library System.

Murder at Cuyamaca Beach, by Sue McGinty:


Bella Kowalski, former nun and dirt-digging obituary editor, becomes involved in a series of murders seemingly connected to the homeless program run by her parish church in Los Lobos, the town itself no stranger to controversy. She is aided, and sometimes thwarted, by her husband Mike, a former detective who now works part-time as a cold case investigator.

Temporarily available only from author at or Volumes of Pleasure in Los Osos, Coalesce Bookstore in Morro Bay, or through the San Luis Obispo County Library System. Watch for new addition!

Murder in Los Lobos: by Sue McGinty:


Something is rotten in Los Lobos, and it’s more than just waste from the aging septic tanks. Former nun Bella Kowalski and her husband, Mike, find themselves up to their eyeballs in a deadly mix of murder most foul, long-buried family secrets, and snarky local politics.

Temporarily available only from author at or Volumes of Pleasure in Los Osos, Coalesce Bookstore in Morro Bay, or through the San Luis Obispo County Library System. Watch for new edition!

Anthology: The Best of SLO NightWriters in Tolosa Press 2009-2013


See what happens when SLO NightWriters joins forces with Tolosa Press! Prepare to laugh, cry, be surprised, and thrilled by the essays, short fiction, and memoir featured in The Best of SLO NightWriters in Tolosa Press 2009-2013. Settle back with your favorite beverageundefinedthe California Central Coast is noted for its fine winesundefinedand enjoy! Once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop. Sue McGinty’s two contributions: “The Most Dangerous Time,” and her favorite holiday story, “Doggone Good Christmas.”

Available at Amazon or from author:

Anthology: Somewhere in Crime


Historical mysteries are nothing new to literature, but these short stories certainly are! Join us as we go back in time to unravel tales of mystery and suspense from award-winning authors as well as new ones. In co-editor Sue McGinty’s story, “Uncertain Sanctuary,” the year is 1938 and the murderous winds of war converge on historic Piedras Blancas lighthouse

Available at Amazon fr

om author:

Sue’s website is She invites you to Friend her on Facebook.

Destry Ramey -

About Me

What About Me?, by Destry Ramey: addresses contemporary real-life issues through the eyes of two little pugs. 

Available at:

Why Dark

Why Am I Dark?, by Destry Ramey: addresses contemporary real-life issues through the eyes of two little pugs. Available at:


In The Adventures of Hunter and Ramona Pug Series 


Meet Kippy, an ADHD little pug who loves adventure.

She loves it so much that she often rushes in before checking for any danger. Can a 500 pound silverback mountain gorilla teach her to 

think before she acts? 

Or, will she always be too impulsive for her own good?

Kippy’s African Adventure is the third in a series of children’s books related to contemporary real-life issues.

 Destry's books are available at:,

There is also a list of other Californian stores where Destry's books are available at

Testimonial for Destry,  January 2016

Juneau, Alaska  January 25, 2016

We are foster parents of some pretty amazing young boys. We have 3 ranging in age, 7, 10, and 19. Our little guy struggles with multiple diagnosis, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder).

Every day is a struggle for him. Our family loves to read and seeing my littles snuggle up with a blanket and a story book make my heart sing. But my little guy will have none of it. I try to read to him and he is ok for a page or two and then he is just done. He struggles with reading at school, and some days this struggle leads to a meltdown.

Well last week he was having a difficult time transitioning from an activity and had a major behavior. Most times just giving him time to process will do the trick, but this day was not a good one. After giving him some time, he was not transitioning out of his meltdown. So I went for your book in hopes that a good read would get him to think of something else. (Yes, I know, books tend to get pushed away by this little guy, but I caught him looking at the cover the day before).

So I climbed up on the bed with the book and just started reading out loud. The next thing I knew, he was no longer trying to hurt himself and stopped throwing things. He was listening!!!!! He then crawled on the bed with me, totally engrossed in this story. The pictures mesmerizing him and as he snuggled closer, I felt his little body melt into mine.  He began pointing and asking questions. He never does this.

After reading for a while and him picking out words he knew, our conversation began about how dogs can talk but not everyone understands what they are saying. That we have to pay attention to their queues. And he turned to me and said, “like when you knew I needed you to read me this book but I didn’t have to tell you?”

And that is our magic moment. He really listened and understood. Not to mention your Feather looks like our little long haired chihuahua, Beaner.

So thank you for this amazing story. He is looking forward to more.      


Anne Schroeder -


Cholama Moon

CHOLAMA MOON, the first in a series of historical western novels that trace the development of the Central Coast through the Spanish, Mexican and American eras.

CHOLAMA MOON (Oak Tree Press) depicts pioneers struggling to build ranches despite earthquakes, banditos, cultural differences and their own internal strife.    

Anne has been a NW member since 1988 and currently resides in Grants Pass, OR with her husband Steve and two dogs. She has two memoirs under her belt including Ordinary Aphrodite (Amazon and Kindle) and a number of published short stories. She is currently President-Elect of Women Writing the West and Director of the LAURA Awards, a national short fiction competition. She blogs at . 

Follow her on Facebook 

Branches on the Conejo: Leaving The Soil After Five Generations,
by Anne Schroeder: 

is a social history of Southern California. Written by a descendent of the pioneer Borchard and Olsen families, 
it traces the history of the Conejo Valley from the founding of the Norwegian Colony in 1880s Moorpark, 
to the land boom of the 1950s in Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks. An excellent read for collectors 

of California history. Used copies are already showing up on out-of-print Americana book sites. A limited number are still available through local bookstores.  Available at:

Be sure to visit Anne's popular blog at:

“Reading Anne Schroeder is like sitting across the table from her. Her prose is colorful and conversational;
her memories are honest and hilarious. She looks back on her life with the self-acceptance and clarity of a
wise woman, and, gratefully, has chosen to share her memories with us."

Kathleen Deragon, Former Editor, Women’s Press, San Luis Obispo, CA.


Ordinary Aphrodite, by Anne Schroeder:  

A memoir celebrating life’s small steps as mother, 

daughter, sister, wife, friend. Take-away lessons for enjoying a life full of love and purpose, 

the stories are vignettes of work, play and life on the Central Coast.,, and at (in multiple eBook formats).

Be sure to visit Anne's popular blog at:

Scent Cedars

Scent of Cedars, by Anne Schroeder: is an anthology of short stories and poetry edited by 

Anne Schroeder for Russell Dean Publishing.

The stories and poems introduce the reader 

to the Hutterite community  of Northern Montana, the end of the line for a dying railroad tramp, 

the elusive butterflies of the Amazon, the broken career of a Nisei baseball player sidelined by WWII.  

Excellent stories by writers from the Pacific Northwest.  

Available on

Be sure to visit Anne's popular blog at:

Tangled WebsTangled Webs, by Susan Tuttle

Lia Willett, professional art quilter and daughter of a serial killer, returns to her hometown after 

a 17-year absence. Suffering from partial amnesia, she finds herself stalked by unknown foes and 

surrounded by ever-more-lethal  danger. 

To save her life, Lia must unearth terrifying, long-buried memories of what happened before she left Mercerville.  

What exactly happened the night Cerise Forrester, Lia’s arch-enemy, died? Is Lia Willett, like her father, 

a murderer? 

Tangled Webs can be ordered through any bookstore and is available on

Autographed copies can be obtained through Susan’s website:


Magic Moments 

This Worked for Me is a FREE ebook for anyone purchasing the Chicken Soup for the Soul in the Classroom books through Anna’s website

This book of true stories and teacher tips may also be purchased in print version 

through as part of a joint project with Central Michigan University, 

Anna’s Alma Mater. For more info or autographed copies, contact Anna at
All four books make wonderful teacher gifts, and are more useful and appreciated than the 

typical "teacher mugs."

Caring to Teach, Teaching to Care (2011), by Anna Unkovich:  

Co-authored with Dave Opalewski, this book is about the importance of putting 

Relationship, Respect, Responsibility, Relevance, and Rigor back into the classroom. 

At a time when educators are forced into over-testing and student dropout rates are increasing at an 

alarming rate, this book is a reminder to teach to the heart and the head will follow. 

It is available through 

Beach Machine

David, Goliath and the Beach-Cleaning Machine,

by Barbara Wolcott: 

Nestled between the Sierra Madre Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, the self-described funky little 

community of Avila Beach had an ominous neighbor lurking over, and under, the town and its sand, 

soil, homes, and businesses. 

The Unocal Oil Company, long the town’s major employer, had been steadily,

 and knowingly, polluting the seemingly pristine beach community for decades and would have 

continued were it not for a fateful morning jog in which longtime resident and new attorney, Saro Rizzo, 

literally stumbled on evidence of Unocal’s dastardly despoiling of the environment. 

What begins as a simple case of trying to correct what appears to be a small problem quickly snowballs into the discovery 

of an environmental nightmare to rival the Exxon Valdez. In a classic and, unfortunately by now, familiar t

ale of big-business greed versus small-town pride, Pulitzer Prize-nominee Wolcott presents a balanced 

expose of one company’s arrogant response to an ecological and economic disaster and what one town

and one man accomplished in the face of overwhelming odds. 

Available at

Power Mountains

Power From the Mountains, 

by Barbara Wolcott:

The Eastwood/Huntington story has one foot in the past and the other in the halls of 

Enron Corporation.  It played out at a time of rising power exercised by the Robber 

Barons in the east and the California Big Four.

Big Creek took place during the Golden Age of Engineering, an incredible span between 

1850 and 1950 when every basic modern convenience in use today was dreamed up, 

fabricated and put into production.  A notable exception might be the circular saw, 

said to have been the idea of a US colonial woman who had her husband attach it to her spinning wheel.

In the tradition of James Michener, a story is threaded through the whole cloth of 

history and told through John Eastwood, a man of titanic ability who made his mark in a 

deeply forested part of the Sierra Nevada called Big Creek. 

Available at


In and Around San Luis Obispo, 

by Barbara Wolcott: 

Takes the reader on a quick tour of the Central Coast, providing behind-the-scenes glimpses into this 

region, many locations, sights and attractions. Author Barbara Wolcott acts as tour guide providing historical facts 

about the area"s many jewels. 

From Lompoc to Morro Bay to Paso Robles and San Miguel, there are stories to captivate you around each corner.

The appeal of the San Luis Obispo area goes beyond hotels, resorts or getaways. 

It lies in the history, much of which remains for readers willing to look in the hidden places,

feeling what transpired, getting to know those responsible for it and how the past influences today. 

Wolcott s vignettes tell the story of:  Hollywood s fascination with San Luis Obispo; old saloons and taverns; wines and wineries; Avila, the world s largest oil port; Morro Bay’s fishing roots; old stagecoach stops; military installations; Cal Poly; nearby museums and much more.
Of particular interest is the walking tour of downtown San Luis Obispo, complete with maps and descriptions of the 

historical buildings and homes of interest. Knowing where to look for the past in the present is what this book is all about. 

Available at

Perfect Storm

Small Town Perfect Storm, by Barbara Wolcott: 

A monstrous environmental public health disaster lay under a town of 

12,000 people – Los Osos, California. It had already contaminated on of two aquifers 

serving them and the surrounding area. Now it threatened the remaining water supply. 

The source was not oil, nor chemicals but 5,000 septic tank sending millions of gallons 

of effluent down the drains daily.

Good intentions, enormous egos and a plethora of happenstance contributed to the long contest, 

creating a Perfect Storm that came gradually, destroyed people, long time friendships, 

some marriages and trust in government. Few believed the town of Los Osos was worth saving,


but it survived with scars and started to reclaim its serenity before the dust settled. 

There are no comparable stories. Los Osos cut a fresh path and claimed its own redemption.  Available at


Showdown At The Hearst Ranch Corral, 

by Barbara Wolcott:

The evolution of conservancy for preservation of open lands is not widely understood. 

Hearst corporation was paid $95,000,000 to give up all future development rights to the family

 Ranch at San Simeon, an amount less than a third of the market value. Opposition in the region 

wanted the Ranch as a gift. Dispute exploded into battles, splitting the environmental community in 

a nasty public divorce from one another. In addition, it wasn’t enough for the Opposition to accept 

the gift of 13 miles of coastline property. They demanded free access to the property itself despite that

 it is a large, active cattle business, ranched today as it has been for 150 years.

For three generations since Citizen Kane, the opposition remained suspicious. What was Steve Hearst not saying? 

What was he hiding? Was it a gift or Trojan horse? What is he getting out of it that we don’t know?

It’s an improbable story about sixth generation Californian Hearst and a feisty rancher elected as County Supervisor, 

first enemies, then becoming good friends. He, an iconic maverick cowboy, at home in the saddle as much as his offices 

and she, old enough to be his mother and having a caustic wit sharp enough to snap barbed wire. Most of all, it’s the modern 

history of a people loving the land and putting everything they had into ensuring some of the most valuable acres in 

California would be preserved forever. 

Available at

The Lodge -- A Tale of Corruption,
by David H. Brandin:

The Los Osos Stags Lodge, a charitable fraternal order, is selling prime beachfront property along
the central California coast. Harry Warrener's best friend, Randy Lismore, dies in a bizarre incident.
At the inquest into the death, an FBI agent reveals startling connections to organized crime. Harry
begins an investigation and joins the Stags. He meets and falls in love with Janet Zimmer.

Together with Thor, Harry's German shepherd, they uncover corruption that has spread from a mansion
 in San Francisco to the Stags' officers, county officials, and construction executives. The corrupt,
 inept Stags have exploited archaic rules and weaknesses in the management of charities.
Kickbacks have been demanded and millions of dollars skimmed through a mobbed-up agent.

As the investigation unfolds, Harry, an ex-Navy SEAL, who panicked in his first and only combat experience in Vietnam, is forced to confront the fears and insecurities that have haunted him for over thirty years. Available at

The Horns of Moses,
by David H. Brandin:

A lust for revenge unleashes a bonfire of murder, deceit, and civil war in the Middle East.
 Michelangelo's statue of Moses sits in Rome on the western slope of the Esquiline Hill in the
 Church of St. Peter in Chains. Much has been written about the horns on the head of the statue
 of Moses and there remains a controversy as to whether the horns represent the horns of the
devil or beams of light that radiate from God. One suspects that the church preferred horns.

The meaning of the horns, devil or saint, is a dilemma that parallels the central focus of this novel about the Middle East - does defense of the state and its survival justify murder? Available at


The Miracle of Alvito (And Other Stories),
 by David H. Brandin:

Why did the town of Alvito, Italy rename its church The Church of the Miracle in World War II? What happens
when an airline misplaces a passenger? Is it gambling if there's no risk? Who was the Greatest Roman-Ever?
What's the easiest way to steal an identity? The author explores these and other questions in this eclectic and fun-filled
mix of fiction, science fiction, and historical fiction and fantasy stories.

Available at

The Earthquake Prophet (And Other Stories), 

  by David H. Brandin: 

In this distinctive collection of thirty-nine short stories, author David H. Brandin mixes satire and 

political incorrectness with startling story-line twists in the tradition of O. Henry.

Divided into four parts, The Earthquake Prophet combines modern history, fantasy, and current events

 to deliver a treasure trove of prose. Brandin delves into a variety of subjects that range from 

earthquake prediction and World War II to the hot political topics of today such as global warming, 

sanctuary cities, and TSA's no-fly lists.

With wit and his own unique brand of humor, Brandin oers an interestingexplanation for the collapse

of the American economic system; deftly describes the inanity of professional politicians; exposes corruption 

in the judicial system; and skewers high-stakes issues in national security. Stories also explore how the 

ordinary can turn extraordinary. Scuba diving takes a strange turn, a piano lesson lapses into terror, 

and an unusual Texas slot machine creates quite the controversy.

Blending political, historical, and general fiction with tales of science fiction and fantasy, The Earthquake Prophet promises a fascinating literary adventure.

Available at

Angel of The Gold Rush: Book One of the Angel Trilogy:
by B. J. Scott:  

Released in February 2004, Angel of the Gold Rush, Book One of the Angel Trilogy, begins the saga of Irish
immigrant Kathleen Connelly and her daughters Megan (born to her) and Danielle (an adopted orphaned French girl).

In 1847, Kathleen, her husband Terry, and Megan flee the Irish potato famine to America, where the 1848 discovery
 of gold in California prompts them to head west. Terry is killed just short of arriving in the gold fields.
Widowed in a savage wilderness, Kathleen struggles for survival in the new frontier of California against the
backdrop of the gold rush. One man is sworn to kill her, another sworn to destroy her, and a third sworn to make her his own.

Kathleen battles incredible odds with the courage and determination that earn her the nickname, "Angel of the Gold Rush." Available at

                                       For more information about Bill Scott's books visit


Angel's Daughter: Book Two of the Angel Trilogy:
by B. J. Scott:

San Francisco, 1867 - A beautiful heiress is kidnapped and put aboard a ship bound for distant lands, a deed
with mysterious ties to the building of the transcontinental railroad . . . a ferocious sea battle at Hong Kong . . .
an unstoppable warrior . . . a Chinese mistress of unspeakable evil . . . a thrilling locomotive chase through the Sierras . . .
and a family of steel-spined women who yield to no one!

The Connellys are back! The formidable females introduced in 2004's "Angel of the Gold Rush" return in

Book Two of the Angel Trilogy, release in November 2005. An old enemy arises again and allies himself with a new,
more deadly foe. Corruption reaching to the highests levels of the building of the new state of California poses a threat to the Connelly empire.

The pace never slackens as Kathleen and her daughters Megan and Danielle battle enemies at home and abroad in "Angel's Daughter." Available at

For more information about Bill Scott's books visit

Legacy of Angels: Book Three of the Angel Trilogy:
by B. J. Scott:  
Released in June 2008, Book Three of the Angel Trilogy, "Legacy of Angels", continues the Connelly saga with Bridget Daley, the granddaughter of Kathleen Connelly Wilson,the founder of the empire. Bridget gains the helm of the family businesses, as a legend passes away. But challenges abound. A company ship is lost at sea with all hands save one. Then another. Then a railroad trestle is dynamited, sending a locomotive and its trailing cars to the bottom of a deep ravine, followed by a second such incident soon after. Bridget is faced with the greatest challenge of her young life upon the dawning realization that those tragedies were not accidental. An old enemy, filled with hatred and lusting for vengeance on the Connelly women, has arisen. And then Bridget herself disappears into the Sierra Nevada Mountains during one of the worst snowstorms in memory. Available at

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Light On A Distant Hill:
by B. J. Scott:

A young girl stands at her window.  She is fourteen, on the edge of womanhood. Looking out across the vast sea of grass that is the Great Plains, she dreams of the day when she might set sail upon it. Two years later, she does, venturing forth into that vast unknown as a mail-order bride journeying to meet her husband-to-be, a cavalry officer stationed at Fort Walla Walla in Washington Territory. But her traveling party is massacred by Indians at Elko, Nevada, and she is one of only two survivors. Badly injured, she wanders off into the wilderness and disappears. She will emerge later, older than her age and wiser than her years, having been shaped andl burnished in one of the great tragedies in American history. And now torn between two worlds -- and two men. One man clings desperately to the hope that she is alive. The other would have considered her a mortal enemy -- until he met her. This is her story. Available at

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by Mary Martin Benton:

When her father’s health spirals downward in 1860, seventeen-year-old Dulsey Carpenter is faced
with the overwhelming challenge of caring for the family farm in Tennessee’s High Valley.

Determined to fulfill her father’s request, and against her mother’s wishes, she embarks on a trip across two states to locate
a missing uncle in hopes he will return and help care for the farm. Two friends, Carla Sorenson and Harvey Kendall, join her. Along the way their lives become entangled with runaway slaves, bounty hunters, lawmen and charges of murder.

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 Winds of Time

Winds of Time:
by Mary Martin Benton:

Ex-Confederate soldier, Jed McCabe, returns to his home in Tennessee where he discovers his only
surviving sister, Kate, is missing. Jed vows to find her and traces the wagon train he believes she is with, i
nto Texas. Available at

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Acro Bat:
by Adrian Hurtado:

Because bats are nocturnal, Acro Bat had only been able to dream of participating in the
popular Owl-ympics. 

After much self-determination and self-training, he thinks he has come up with a with a way
to compete. 

Will all his hard work be good enough or will he have to get used to being left out?


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Forgotten Past, 

by Michael Hake: 

English professor Sean Lordson must rekindle his highly trained skills as an ex-secret 

government operative. Sean has a past he'd like to forget and a past he tried for years to 

remember. The events that pose a threat will uncover truths he had buried long ago. 

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Sins of My Brother, 

by Michael Hake: 

Sean Lordson is faced with solving a murder to ensure he’s not the next to take a bullet. 

The former secret agent will put his life on the line as he attempts to unravel the mystery behind 

the tragic death of a loved one. Available at For Kindle version click here.

Oil Prices Fuel Corruption, 

by Michael Hake: 

Tells the tale of a world dependent on oil but looking for a solution to the soaring costs. 

If there were such a solution, would there be those willing to kill to sabotage the 


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Awakening the Sleeping Tiger,

by Liu Yu & Dawn Cerf:

When Liu Yu, an impressionable Chinese girl, witnesses the venomous public trial of her mother’s
co-worker and friend during the Cultural Revolution, her life is changed forever. The incident silences
her voice but not her desire to escape from poverty and the wearisome fate her mother endures.

At age eleven, Liu Yu grabs her chance to avoid being sent to the countryside in the government’s plan
to re-educate its young people even though it means leaving her supportive family behind. She catapults
to the top of Communist society by becoming an elite professional athlete, living the dream of every child in
China. Prestige and material comfort, however, are quickly overshadowed by loneliness and a brutal
training regimen.

After Liu Yu endures nearly ten years of rigorous martial arts training, feuding coaches threaten her
dreams of a national championship. She must then decide whether to follow her family’s values and her heart or push
for the championship she feels is within her grasp.

Guided by her grandmother’s wisdom, the young woman realizes what she wants more than fame and fortune
 is the chance to control her own life. Liu Yu risks everything, finding the courage to turn against the cultural tide in
 China to seek her own destiny. In the process she rediscovers her voice, the one she lost as a child of the Cultural Revolution.

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Rolynn Anderson

FADEOUT and SWOON are books number 1 and 2 of the Funeral Planner Suspense Series, out in October/November of 2012. 

She's a boutique funeral planner whose clients won't rest in peace.

LAST RESORT is a thriller set in Big Bay, B.C.

She's an American corporate fixer; He's an undercover CIA agent...

Both are looking for trouble in a B.C. resort.

Buy print and e-book versions on my website.

Rolynn three


LAST RESORT -  print & download at:


FADEOUT - print & download at:


LIE CATCHERS by Rolynn Anderson

 Lie Catchers

Two unsolved murders will tear apart an Alaska fishing town unless a writer and a government agent reveal their secret obsessions.

Treasury agent Parker Browne is working undercover in Petersburg, Alaska to investigate a money scam and a murder. His prime suspect, Liv Hanson, is a freelance writer struggling to save her family’s business.

Liv pens a series of newspaper articles about an old, unsolved murder. When her cold case ties in with Parker’s investigation, bullets start to fly.

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