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Board Members

Dennis Eamon Young - President 


Photographer and Art Director: Dennis is a writer and professional photographer living in Shell Beach. Though he photographs everything, he specializes in portraits and commercial photography, and works on his stories and novels between photography sessions. 

Dennis began his photography in New York City in 1969, with magazine and advertising assignments. He is a genuine people person and enjoys being a member of SLO NightWriters as both a writer and as staff photographer. 

Website:; email him at:; or write to him at PO Box 3438, 

Shell Beach, CA 93449

Andrea Chmelik
Vice President
Social Media and Publicity Coordinator 

Andrea is a blogger and a stay at home mom of two. She was born in Slovakia and came to the Central Coast two years ago with her husband, son and daughter, and two cats. Andrea mainly blogs about challenges of motherhood, but also comments on other topics, ranging from identifying home to dealing with death. She was honored to be chosen a featured member at Andrea's current book and blogs can be found at Emails to Daddy (print book) Emails to Daddy (e-book)

Treasurer  Chair and Newsletter Editor: Susan Tuttle

Susan is a native of Buffalo, New York, Susan moved to the Central Coast in 2004. She is the author of the suspense novel, Tangled Webs. She continues to win awards for her short stories, novels and, recently, her creative non-fiction. Susan writes sci-fi, fantasy, suspense, paranormal suspense and spiritual meditations. 

Her newest book - hot off the press is available on Amazon. Look for 'Proof of Identity', be intruiged.

She is also a professional editor/writing coach. You can find her on Facebook, or contact her through her websites: and or email her at

Assistant Newsletter Editor:

Elizabeth Roderick

Elizabeth Roderick grew up, so to speak, in Washington State.  She most recently lived in the Seattle area, where she was a member of several working rock bands, a paralegal, and a chemistry student.  When she moved to California in the fall of 2013 she started writing, taking to it with a sort of compulsive mania.  

She is currently working on the seventh book in a young adult fantasy series, as well as some autobiographical vignettes, and is researching publishing options for the first YA novel.

When not writing, she enjoys gardening, cooking, and backpacking.  She is married to a wonderful biochemist, and has a charming daughter.

She keeps a blog at, and news on her series will be available at    

Webmaster and Programs Director:

Janice Konstantinidis

Janice joined SLO NightWriters with the goal of developing her writing skills. She is Australian by birth and has lived on California's Central Coast eight years. She is currently writing her memoir. She enjoys writing limericks as well.

She has been writing shorter pieces, prose, poetry most of her life. Janice is currently her memoir, which chronicles her time spent as a child laborer in a Magdalen Laundry in Australia. She intends to write a book of limericks as well.

Janice won four awards in the 2013 Lillian Dean Writer's Contest. First and second place in 'Creative Non Fiction Memoir', and second and third place in Poetry. 

She holds a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Tasmania, a Bachelor of Letters in English Literature from The Australian National University and a Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Canberra. She also practiced as a Gerontologist for many years.

Janice is writing a Wikipedia page about the institution where she was incarcerated - Mount Saint Canice.  

Contact her by email at

Membership Director

Hanje Richards:

Hanje's role is to convey members suggestions or concerns to the board, to listen to members and bring their issues, needs and interests to the board; to identify potential problems and possibilities; to survey the members at least once a year to determine the degree of satisfaction experienced by the members and to identify concerns and problems; to write a monthly column for the newsletter.

Please feel free to contact Hanje at


Critique Groups Coordinator: 

Rebecca Heath:

Rebecca Piirto Heath is a media and technology educator,  journalist and  author of two books on demographic trends and  American attitudes. She writes frequently for a variety of national and regional publications and has an M.S. in communication from Cornell University, where she conducted research on user reactions to new technology. She has worked in newspapers, magazines and television as reporter, editor, producer and anchor. Most recently a high school teacher and television station manager at a public school district, a family move to SLO at the end of 2012 has started a new chapter in her career - a work of fiction. Scary.

Please contact Rebecca at:

Duty Statement:

This position is an appointed position with full voting privileges on the Board. Coordinator manages the systems and processes related to NightWriter member Critiques and Peer Review.

Critique Group Coordinator Duties:

Communicate Critique group availability, requests, and news to the general membership via the NW Newsletter and Website. Work with Newsletter Editor and Web Master to post Critique group information
Coordinate the Electronic Line Edit Exchange program by advertising the program to the general membership, logging and updating the names of interested members. Create and maintain an email group for communicating the guidelines and contact information to the participants

The job could also include:

Visit existing Critique Groups, serving as liaison to NightWriters and encouraging NightWriter membership for all critique group participants by educating about the benefits of NW.
Highlight the work of Critique Group members in the NW Newsletter with a group photo, group description, and samples of writing.

Coordinate and run a general meeting on the subject of Critique, where members read work aloud and receive critique from an experienced panel. Work with Program Director to schedule this event.

Periodically schedule meetings for anyone interested in joining a group in order to foster new group formation.

Other creative ideas to promote NW critique groups.


Board Historian


Tolosa Press Manager

 Sharyl Heber


Sharyl has been a member of SLO NightWriters for close to 30 years. 

She's served on the Board on Directors for over five years in the capacity of Vice President, Critique Group Coordinator, Board Historian, and now, General Assistant. She's a novelist, poet, lyracist and screenwriter as well as papercrafter and fiber artist.

Kalila Volkov - Sunshine Chair: 

Kalila enjoys her community service of sending out cards to NW members.  She's the author of Hiking Trail, Treasure Land  (self-published June 2015 through Central Coast Books), as well as Fishing for Equilibrium: The Power of a Diary (self-published in 2008).  She also loves writing poems—many of which have appeared in Women's Press and the local Sierra Club newsletter—along with holiday stories, which ran in several editions of Tolosa Press publications.  She sings with Canzona Women’s Ensemble and intermittently with Cuesta Master Chorale. See her listings on the Members' Publications page.

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