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SLO NightWriters' Panel Addresses SLOTBC

  • Monday, April 23, 2012
  • 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • KCBX 4100 Vachell Lane San Luis Obispo

ANNOUNCING: SLO TBC's April 23, 2012 Event

(and News & Job Info)

San Luis Obispo Technical & Business Communicators (SLO TBC)

Mailing address: 7343 El Camino Real, #125, Atascadero, CA 93422

Greetings, Everyone!

Mark your calendars now for our April 23rd SLO TBC event when we will welcome the SLO NightWriters organization for a special outreach panel discussion entitled,

"Is Creative Writing the Technical Writer's Playground?"

This meeting is sponsored by the San Luis Obispo Technical & Business Communicators (SLO TBC,, is open to the public, and is free of charge.

Date & Time: Monday evening, April 23, 2012, from 6:00-8:30 PM. Join us for networking and refreshments at 6:00 PM, followed by the meeting announcements and presentation at 6:30 PM.

Location: KCBXnet computer training room, 4100 Vachell Lane, San Luis Obispo (at the intersection of S. Higuera St. and Vachell Lane, between Tank Farm Rd. and Los Osos Valley Rd). From your starting point: Driving directions and map.


You've probably wondered at some point in your career what it might be like to segue into writing about fiction or non-fiction subjects of your choice. For example, you might have asked yourself, "Do I have strong creative, analytical, research-oriented, or educational writing interests that extend beyond my everyday work? Can I possibly redeploy my skills as a business or technical communicator to become a fiction or non-fiction author? Can I keep my day job and pursue writing projects in my spare time, or learn to write as play? Is this a fun retirement hobby? What's new in today's self-publishing world? How do I choose my topics? What markets can I tap? What advice, mentoring, guidance, and encouragement are available to me?"

To help answer these questions, the SLO NightWriters (, Central Coast's premier writing organization since 1988, will offer time-tested advice and real success stories of how its members have done exactly those things. Our goal is to encourage mutual "cross-pollination" and inspire more people to explore their passions!

Not an oxymoron, creative writing can be the pleasurable bridge to retirement friendships and growth. But why wait? Join four SLO NightWriters as they share secrets of writing for pleasure. Expect an evening of fun, insight, and personal growth. The panel will delve into the following topics:

Topic 1:

Fiction writing as enjoyment for technical writers

Leonard Carpenter is a two-fer. He's a technical writer; author of the thriller e-book, Fatal Strain; and for eleven books (and counting), he's been Conan the Barbarian's faithful scribe. (In those olden days they called him The Sequelizer.)

Topic 2:

Fiction as a retirement activity

Come on, you know you want it. Now learn how to play in a whole new playground!

Topic 3:

The benefits of SLO NightWriters as a writing community

Even if your mother thinks you're a duck, SLO NightWriters will find the swan in you.

Topic 4:

Blending technical with fiction opportunities

We'll discuss specific markets that offer opportunity for the fiction writer.

Topic 5:

Memoir writing, and researched historicals use technical skills

Anne Schroeder, award-winning, published author of short fiction; regional memoirs, Ordinary Aphrodite and Branches on the Conejo; and a soon-to-be-released, historical novel trilogy set in the Central Coast, writes from life. Visit Anne's blog here.

Topic 6:

Using life experience in writing with anecdotes from Hollywood

Former actor Tony Piazza shares his experiences with legends such as Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Clint Eastwood, and Karl Malden to create mysteries such as Anything Short of Murder and The Curse of the Crimson Dragon.

Topic 7:

Right-brain writing

Susan Tuttle, award-winning author of Tangled Web, presents a fun, interactive activity from her popular e-book series on creativity, Write It Right. Visit Susan's blog here.

Don't miss this valuable opportunity to expand your horizons, take a more comprehensive approach to your career, and satisfy that burning desire you have to express yourself in new and exciting ways! It's never too early to start.

Discussion Facilitators: Leonard Carpenter, Anne Schroeder, Tony Piazza, and Susan Tuttle are all members of SLO NightWriters. . .,

. . . the premier writing organization on the Central Coast of California. Founded as a non-profit in 1988, its mission is to advance quality writing, promote publication, and expand author recognition in a forum that nurtures a spirit of community for all its members. Members are both published and unpublished; they write literary fiction, genre fiction, poetry, memoir, nonfiction, newspaper and magazine articles, and much more. Many must arrange their schedules in imaginative ways to create their stories, such as during nighttime's quiet hours. Hence the organization's name, SLO NightWriters.

Door Prize: We have an assortment of recent publications from which to choose. The drawing occurs at the break; you must be present to win.

RSVP: Optional For more information or if you have questions, please e-mail, or call Adele Sommers at 805-462-2199.

For questions: email

Mailing Address:
1126 Nipomo Ave
Los Osos, CA 93402

Meeting Address:
11245 Los Osos Valley Rd
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

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